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Minecraft gamers turn up the difficulty in protest against mod ripoffs in the marketplace



mod ripoffs in the marketplace

Mod ripoffs in the marketplace: Minecraft is a game full of mods, add-ons, and custom content that can be played. Depending on the version of the game being played, there are a few ways to implement these changes. However, the Bedrock Edition’s add-on marketplace has come under criticism from the game’s community. In particular, gamers are dismayed by some of the content being perceived as copying existing mods.

In a recent Minecraft subreddit post, a player with the username darkner90 highlighted a Marketplace upload-on called Aether Measure II, commenting that it is definitely a spoof of the famous Aether mod for Java Edition. The Aether mod has existed for over a decade, and Darkner emphasizes why this type of plagiarism was frowned upon by Mojang.

Minecraft fanatics in the comments honestly voiced their opinions on the issue at large. Many of whom agreed with Darkner’s announcement.

Minecraft Enthusiasts decry Mod ripoffs Spotted In Game MarketPlace

Bedrock Edition nevertheless allows modification similar to its Java-based counterpart but does so using add-on files. Many of these can be curated through Mojang via the game’s marketplace. But, many add-ons are definitely not taking off by copying existing game mods created by the community.

In his Reddit post, Darkner shared a screenshot of Aether Measure II using SNDBX. Which appears to pay homage to the Aether mod quite a bit. This left players wondering why Mojang would definitely not allow the original Aether mod to exist on the market.

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Check what Minecraft players said in the Comments

In the comments, several Minecraft players said that as long as Mojang was making money from purchasing add-ons in the marketplace, they didn’t care whether network-created mods were removed or not. Various enthusiasts commented that these add-ons did not break down as well as their authentic counterparts and were regularly mild counterfeits.

A positive user association also discussed that one of the former developers of Aether Mod. Who now works at Mojang, also decried the blatant plagiarism seen inside the Minecraft marketplace.

Overall, the vast majority of gamers are not thrilled that the work of the community is actually being ripped off and monetized by horrible religion creators.

Interestingly, the query was voiced by a developer called kingbdogz on a Reddit thread. He said that after communicating with the Aether Mod Crew and SNDBX, the two companies came to an understanding. Aether Shapes Upload-On will rebrand its name and include more authentic content to differentiate itself from Aether Mod.

Aether mod project lead Oscar

More than that, current Aether mod project lead Oscar also voiced to guide Kingbdogz’s statements. He stated that the content of the original Aether Shape was very close to the original mod. But Second Access provided more unique innovative options while still being inspired by the Aether Mod. According to Oscar and KingBDogz, they have no problem with this method.

Heard that two Minecraft builders told it, copyright action had to be considered before Mojang could step in to deal with the issue and help both parties reach a settlement. This resulted in the add-on known as Aether Dimension, rebranded as Aether Dimension. Complete with unique content no longer fully reflecting the Aether Mod Team’s illustrations.

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Although this really clears up some of the debate surrounding the Aether mod and Aether size in particular. Various gamers have noted that countless different mods have infringed upon their work in the market. To this day, many of these alleged hoaxes continue to exist on the market while authentic mod developers are struggling to find answers.

Earning lots of coins by slapping

In the case of the Aether mod, it appears that the unique mod will be making its way to the Minecraft market soon thanks to the Bedrock partnership. Be that as it may, there exist a lot of materials in the market which are unique and clearly reflect different methods. These add-ons continue to collect sales without any recourse.

Mod ripoffs in the marketplace: Mojang’s stance on moderation and scrutiny in the marketplace is unclear, and it’s unclear how well it’s willing to step up to other mod creators in comparison to the Aether mod landscape. Microsoft has the upper hand in market presence. So it’s possible Mojang won’t make much inroads unless the add-ons violate the terms of service or EULA.

Despite this, this problem persists in the Minecraft market. Supportive Minecraft Java mod creators are not compensated and are left to use platforms such as Patreon or to obtain financial support, with some builders simply making ends meet by cribbing materials and marketing them on Bedrock’s marketplace. Earning lots of coins by slapping.

It is uncertain whether or not the fan response will be able to attract Microsoft’s attention. But this situation desperately needs a response.

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