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Mobile Games Like PUBG Are Violent & Addictive, Says Minister Prakash Javadekar



PUBG Are Violent & Addictive


  • Indian minister for Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar, in an event called games like PUBG Mobile violent, explicit and addictive.
  • Union minister Prakash Javadekar said his ministry has decided to form a gaming center to teach courses related to VFX, gaming, and animation.
  • The focus of the government is to create Indian apps and games in line with the MakeinIndia scheme.

Speaking of PUBG, Javadekar said, “PUBG was just one example of it, but criticizing those games is not the solution. The solution is to create our own games and apps in line with #MakeInIndia for the world so that these are adopted the world over for their basic values that are an integral part of our Indian ethos.”

We can also introduce those values via modern technology and put it to optimum use.”

PUBG Mobile India

He said in a statement:

Happy to announce that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in collaboration with IIT Bombay has decided to form a Center of Excellence in gaming and other related areas.

They are at an advanced stage of preparation and this will come into effect as the new session begins in 2021.

Our Review:

Union minister’s statement is that- PUBG is a violent game and the Indian government takes steps to create new games that aware youth of Indian culture and tradition.

The most surprising fact is that they did not take the name of the FAU-G game which is an Indian Game made under the MadeInIndia scheme which is similar to the PUBG game in terms of Violence, explicit and addictive.

FAU-G Game Ratings drop to 3.2 from 4.5 on Google play store.

The FAU-G game in terms of violence not supports Indian culture and Tradition. But they said only about Chinese games- that remarks loopholes in their statement regarding Indian games.

Apart From this:

  • We really appreciate their initiatives regarding collaboration with IIT Bombay to create more Indian games and applications.
  • Their effort to form a gaming center to teach courses related to VFX, gaming, and animation to proceed one step further towards Aatma Nirbhar Scheme and to fulfill Prime Minister Digital India Initiative plan.

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