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MoviePass is Coming back with Multitier Subscription: Here’s Everything you need to know




How do you feel if you were able to watch the movies in Theatre by spending only 10 Bucks?

Yes, That’s true! It’s going to happen through MoviePass. MoviePass is a subscription service that lets you watch movies by paying a subscription charge. Due to its sale pitch, the Company got bankrupt in 2020. Now, it is back. The Company reveals that this time it is completely different.

What has changed?

The Company has made changes in the price system. Now, the system will involve credits.

The pricing of the subscription package will vary according to the location. The new pricing will be $10, $20, and $30. The Company will provide credits for each movie you watch

Last time, MoviePass got failed as it was paying the full ticket charges in exchange for a subscription package. Now, the scenario got changed completely. This time. the Company has negotiated deals with theatres.

The Company has also made a few changes to its debit card. This time MoviePass debit card will be black color instead of red.

“And so, if I want to go only on Friday night of the opening weekend, I’m probably going to use the maximum number of credits, if you think of peak and off-peak pricing,” Spikes said. “But let’s say I don’t have a problem going to see that movie a few days later on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night. I can use far fewer credits because the theaters are more open to allowing a lower price.”

How to join MoviePass?

The sign-in process goes live on Thursday and it will remain open for five days. Once the window closes, the service will be by invitation only; every person who signs up during the wait-list period will get 10 friend invitations.

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Currently, those who are on the waitlist or got invited by their friends will be able to join MoviePass. You will be able to enjoy cheaper movie tickets from Labor day i.e. 5 September.

MoviePass got flopped due to its strategies and shuts down. But the popularity of the website among its customers brings back the site with new strategies.

MoviePass is going to rock from September 5. Today is the last day to apply for the waitlist.

It’s time to see whether MoviePass 2. o got successful or not.

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