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Top 15 Best Mtb Road Bike Mudguards in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best mtb road bike mudguards then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top mtb road bike mudguards which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of mtb road bike mudguards before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each mtb road bike mudguards below. Buying some random & cheap mtb road bike mudguards can be harmful.

1 ) FIFTY-FIFTY Mountian Bike Fender,MTB Mudguard,Front and Rear Compatible,Fits 26″, 27.5″, 29″, Plus Size and Fat Bike Wheel Sizes(Orange)


The selection of mud guard on the online today could be the fiftyfifty mountain-bike Fender. This is really actually a mountain bike fender that has been designed to take care of your motorcycle when it really is actually use. This really is an MTB mud guard that is effective in usage simple in design. From flying debris along with leading wheel sprays, and which helps keep your bike clean that was excess, it has been demonstrated to provide full protection of your bike. This fender unit works excellently with front fork and the back seat of your bicycle. Whether it is attached with your motorcycle, this fender unit really does a great job of preventing the bridge from your bike from becoming caked, while safeguarding your fork stanchions that reduces your requirement for service.This bike fender from Fifty-Fifty is still one of the very glorious fender designs on the planet. It is light weight yet extremely sturdy and compact enough to provide flexibility and durability to your bike it is necessary. Once a purchase is made, you have to install this unit in the period, for building, because of the six significant duty zip ties and its setup directions included.

2 ) SKS X-Tra Dry Rear Bicycle Fender for 26 inch wheels


Our second bike fender may be the SKS rear mud guard, another designed unit which promises to maintain your bike safe at all moments. This Xtra-Dry fender can be an updated edition of its predecessor, the SKS back-scratcher fender; thus, it comes with different elements and features which help set it apart from the competition. It features a protracted and directly build, with a exceptional curve located at a end of this frame. It is an fender which may be customized to fulfill your car, thanks to its quick release strap design which grabs onto the seat tube or seat pole. The fender’s powerful and flexible arrangement is placed.  Have the SKS rear mud guard for the bike or for. It is suitable for any seat pole and will be used for its several forms of biking, and which brings happiness and joy . We’d suggest this bicycle mudguard for every one without even paying too 19, seeking the protection for their bike.

3 ) Mucky Nutz Face Fender, Black/Green, X-Large

By Mucky Nuts

The Mucky Nutz Face Fender is just one of those mtb fenders in the industry today. Not merely could it be loved by bikers, but onlookers appreciate it as one of the models which take to its best to not ruin the aesthetic of bikes. This face fender is exceptional in more ways than one. The first feature we admire about this unit is its versatility in design, making it applicable to bicycles with wheels of various sizes. For the muck catching, this fender unit can be mounted as pieces of that person fender.  Different features the Mucky Nuts Fender supplies its customers comprise its compatibility with double and forward bridge fork layouts, its compact size which makes it easy to store and remove when its not mandatory, and the way it can guard your bridge along with stanchions from getting caked, an incident that reduces your need to clean or service your bike.

4 ) RightOn Folding Front Mud Guard (Telemagenta)

By RightOn

If you would like quality and desire it to be delivered personally in a wide assortment of options for you, the right on Front mud guard ought to be your hand-held unit. Even the mtb mudguard is one of some sort, and it’s highly recommended by bike enthusiasts and several bike proprietors. The best professionals in the business have assembled it with high quality and extremely flexible materials, making it sturdy yet lightweight enough to install by yourself. This fender can be attached to BMX bicycles, hybrids, and even on road bicycles for structure and its own design.  This fender and mudguard out of right on are suitable for usage on many bicycles. It comes in different colors, which enables every biker to opt for a unit which suits his personality or his suspension. Setup is a breeze thanks to the included group of guidelines, also with this mudguard, you can be sure that your days of cleaning and servicing fork stanchions are over. 

5 ) Race Face Mud Crutch, Medium

By RaceFace

Our bike fender, that comes highly suggested by several bikers could be the RaceFace Mud Crutch. As a unit meant to throw all mud off the bike as the fork compresses this mud guard functions. It’s created with a high quality, superior Mylar, which is lasting, with a laced woven elastic and Lycra. The substances are considered to be lasting and hardy enough to withstand any impact in addition to elements. The plan with this mtb mud guard is a one that is quick on / away installation is effortless doesn ’ t require any particular abilities and knowledge and to undertake. The bumper stretches and safeguards your fork crown such that most openings are filled and nothing can lead to any damage. The substances ability to pull on enables the fender to also function catching mud or any water thrown from front tire. Save yourself the trouble of slicing up and tube of creating your mud guard, at the name and get the Mud Crutch for the best mud protection ever.

6 ) Topeak DeFender M1 Mountain Bike Fender (Front)

By Topeak

We love how technical the Topeak Defender M1 Mountain Bike fender is its arrangement is manufactured from, how it acts as the best and most impressive MTB mudguard available on the industry. With the ability to fit a MTB, this bike fender is an adjustable unit created by bicycle lovers for bikers. It has withstood and has been put together with care. The Topeak fender includes a minimalistic design which protects the fork wipers of your bike whilst grabbing a fair quantity of spray and also mud thrown from your tires.This mountain-bike mud guard comes in a vast array of colors, and this also gives the user to choose a unit that suits their style. If you want additional protection and desire your framework bearings safe from debris, you can attach the Topeak bike fender at the rear, plus it ll perform.

7 ) SKS Mud-X Front Bicycle Fender


There’s still another mud guard from the SKS company that’s on our set of recommendations. It is the SKS Mud-X Downtube Fender. This fender is 90 g of excellence. It is created with the fender theory, despite such simplicitythe machine doesn’t undermine on efficacy and function. It is created of premium curved vinyl and features a station that accommodates two rubber tiresand also a bike’s down-tube, and a foam pad.To prevent the twisting of your bicycle mudguard, the cushioned pads are contained in the plan of this unit, as the rubber poles are intended to hold the downtube inplace. Unlike the models discussed this fender arrives in one color which some clients could find limiting, however, one consider the black SKS fender that is mud-x and you’re going to likely be hooked. Even the Mud-X might be used on plenty of bicycles to keep the mud also keep your framework and bumper intact.

8 ) Planet Bike Cascadia bike fenders – 700c x 45mm (black) (maximum tire Size 35mm)

By Planet Bike

Cascadia bike fenders from Planet Bike are among the requested mud-guards for bicycles. These are terrific components developed by professionals and top-notch scientists, to help protect bikes from all types of debris which can be thrown from the tires and mud. These fenders are made of premium materials and good quality that make them resistant to all elements of the elements. They feature polycarbonate blades that are extremely durable and give additional coverage to each bike they are attached to.The Cascadia fenders feature 700c sized wheels, metal v-stays and compact hardware that makes it more ’s functioning easier. We love that this bike mud-guard because it’s highly successful and will last for an extremely long time. It is the perfect match for you, and it is also appropriate for all kinds of motorcycle brakes. It does, but require eyelets for its own performance, which note must be taken by bikers of.

9 ) SKS-Germany 11317 S-Board Bicycle Front Fender


Another bicycle fender on our list from the Circle of SKS may be your SKS S-Board Bicycle Fender. We love this unit for many good reasons, besides design and its attractive framing. As stated by many clients, this is one of the best MTB bicycle fenders. This fender is both practical and lasting, plus it includes elements which make it a very worthy investment for any biker. This bicycle fender has been designed to adapt to fork angles plus it comes with. Form unit’s capacity it is likewise known to fit Aero forks a feat s quick release system. The fender is the go-to unit, In the event that you re looking for the perfect companion for the mud guard.

10 ) FIFTY-FIFTY Adjustable Mountain Bike Fender(Black)


The Fifty–Fifty MTB Mudguard and Bike Fender are one of the mountain bike mudguards in the market now. This is an mountain-bike fender, collect by the engineers and scientists, to maintain your bike protected at all moments. It has a design in which this unit’s amount may be modified to accommodate your bike. It features a folding design loved by lots of customers and additionally boasts of high grip with all the rear and front fork chairs of almost any bicycle.This MTB mudguard is light in weight and exceptionally hardy in design having a flexibility that allows it to fit onto any bike of one’s choice without an problem. If you need to make your bike look relaxed but want to deliver protection to your bicycle, this particular unit out of Fifty-Fifty should be in your wishlist.

11 ) Zefal Swan Road Bicycle Fender (Black, Rear)

By Zefal

Mountain bike fenders are recommended for Endura race clubs because without worrying about damaging any parts such gear allows for the cyclists to express themselves. The Zefal Road Bicycle Fender is one of such products that are high-performance. This fender includes without any gear, however it is straightforward to install. It can be attached to wheel hybrids and city bikes effortlessly, and it delivers on its promise of protecting your motorcycle from mud and all rain. The best aspect of the unit is how simple it is to build and choose off.The Zefal fender can be a mudguard created for usage by the finest pro racers that you’re ensured of quality and endurance. This bike attachment includes Velcro straps and zipties, allowing for temporary and lasting attachment, respectively. It can operate with nearly all forks but accommodates all wheel sizes. 

12 ) SKS-Germany 11322 Raceblade Pro XL Bicycle Fender Set, Black


All our models that are advocated are loved by us, but the SKS RaceBlade Guru XL fender captures our heart that the maximum. After several years of developing and designing advanced gear for use on their vehicles along with bicycles, SKS has established its own innovation. The RaceBlade Guru XL is the MTB today mudguard on earth. Having its capacity to adapt to most wheels’ radius and its striking layout, this fender means mud becomes a thing of the past for your bike and you. These bike fenders handle rotational control together with the layout that is extra-long, and they are as units which are simple to install and detach. They overlook ’t require any specific skill to install on a bike, and they don’t have any complicated parts that need fixing.You could attach your SKS Guru XL fender on your commuting bikes, racing bicycles, MTB bicycles and any different bike type you like to create use of.

13 ) VeloChampion Rear Guard Ass Saver Waterproof Plastic rain Protection Folding Road or MTB Mudguard Fender Black

By VeloChampion

The VeloChampion rear-guard also known as an MTB fender, is on our list for a number of reasons, all these favorable. This is just a straightforward and classic mtb mudguard developed for the everyday biker’s demands. It’s regarded as a must have accessory for cyclists and all bikers as it plays its duties. This fender is extremely special. It has an design which would make it easy to install and in addition, it functions as a very light weight unit, and that means you won’t know it’s there. This mudguard fender fits over fifty percent all the saddles doesn ’ t work well with Brooks saddles although sold in the industry. You don ’ t need any additional tools, because this unit comes ready to set up rails which your seat will be attached to, when it has to do with the installment of this fender.

14 ) SKS Rowdy 20-24″ Set BLK


Meet with up with the SKS Rowdy fender Collection.

This really is a fantastic unit created and designed by a top manufacturer from the bike equipment industry. It sports a high quality and durable structure thanks to the intelligent blend of plastic and metal hardware. In the event that you ever had some uncertainty about this mudguard’s functionality, the innumerable positive reviews out of customers will beg to disagree. The SKS Rowdy fender is flexible and can be customized to pivot and give additional coverage when needed. Its rear mounts on almost any bike’s seat pole enabling it to provide all of the coverage. This is a durable bike fender, once this mud flaps is attached with a bicycle, also we can guarantee the security of your bike and that your security. This fender is well suited to you and anyone who loves to get involved in bicycles and commuting bicycles.

15 ) Planet Bike Hardcore bike fenders – 700c x 45mm (yellow)

By Planet Bike

Our last product and not at the least in effectiveness or design is this Bike Fender from Planet Bike. This is one of the greatest mountain bike mud-guards which has been in the market with its popularity. This really is a fender with a gap. It includes a build of all-weather polycarbonate blades and delivers the much needed extra coverage. With release tabs located at the front of the bumper, while riding, the Earth Cycle Hardcore fender has been equipped for improved safety. Installation is a cinch, as the parts include pre-installed making the fender ready for use out of this box.

So which of the best mtb road bike mudguards from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying mtb road bike mudguards from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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