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Netflix Series Kingdom Getting A Mobile And PC Game Adaptation




Kingdom: The Blood is a K-zombie action game that is based on the popular Netflix series ‘Kingdom’. The story revolves around Crown Prince Lee Chang, who becomes involved in the zombie apocalypse while looking into the puzzling circumstances surrounding the disappearance of his father. The game will be released for global audiences on PC and mobile.

Kingdom: The Blood’s single-player mode will follow the story of the show, which is a zombie horror show set in 16th century Korea. Players can make their own characters, as well. The game also has multiplayer modes including conquest mode, a multi-boss battle mode, and PvP combat. The character creation will include historically accurate clothing options, according to the developers. Action Square also hired a professional Korean sword dancer to recreate the series’ hack-and-slash action.

During Netflix Geeked Week, the company announced several other games based on its popular shows, including The Queen’s Gambit, Too Hot to Handle and Shadow & Bone. It’s not clear whether the game will also launch on Netflix’s app as well as PC. The story takes place sometimes between the years 1400 and 1900, in Korea’s Joseon period, and follows a young Prince as he seeks to save his land from an encroaching plague. Netflix has released two seasons of the series so far consisting of 12 episodes in total.

The game got a short, and incredibly bloody gameplay teaser, featuring tightly choreographed sword swinging, along with brutal action, and yes, blood. So much of it. It’s being developed by Action Square, creators of Anvil. Kingdom: The Blood will feature both PvP and PvE elements, a story mode that follows the Netflix series, and a five-minute battle mode called Conquest. Kingdom: The Blood has no release date but will launch on mobile and PC.

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