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Netflix to roll out Audio only feature for android users




The online streaming giant, Netflix, has rolled out a new feature for android users. The users will now be able to listen to their favorite shows online without sticking to the screens. This is called an ‘Audio Only’ feature. It is quite similar to podcasts.

In order to enable Netflix audio playback, users will have to click on the Video Off button at the top of the full-screen video player. When the audio-only mode is activated, users will only see a blank screen.

While watching a video, subscribers will see a “video off” button at the top of the full-screen video player mode. Once the video is turned off, a blank screen will appear along with all of the playback controls, like a scrub bar, forward and backward buttons, and speed adjustments.

Why will ‘Audio Only’ feature be beneficial?

  1. It will save some precious time of the users. When you are on the go but still want to know what happens next in your favorite show, this feature will be your savior.
  2. When the users do not wish to invest in too much of data, this feature will come as a rescue.
  3. When the users want to use some other applications on the phone.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the Netflix mobile experience for our members. We run tests in different countries and for different periods of time – and only make them broadly available if people find them useful.” said by Netflix spokesperson.

This new feature might bring Netflix into the Podcast segment. If this is so, it will be nothing less than revolutionary for the OTT platform.

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Though this feature is quite similar to Youtube Premium.

As of now, no news update is there whether the feature will be available for iOS platform or web.

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