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Xbox Series X gets a price hike in India, now costs Rs. 52,990




  • Microsoft India has apparently increased the prices of Xbox Series X in the country.
  • The price of the current-gen console may have been increased due to weakening value of INR against USD.
  • The prices of Xbox Series wireless controller and Xbox Wireless Headset have also increased in India.

After the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series X is said to get a price hike in the Indian market. As per Rishi Alwani, the Xbox Series X will now cost Rs. 52,990. This will be a 6 percent price hike from its launch price of Rs. 49,990. There’s no explicit reason as to why the price of the console has been increased, but it is believed to happen because of the fluctuating exchange rates of the Indian Rupee. For those unversed, the company recently increased the price of the Xbox Series S. Not just the console, but even the peripherals cost costlier.

Despite the hike in price, the Xbox Series X is not available on the official retailers of the console. Neither Amazon nor Flipkart has the console in stock, while some third-party vendors are taking advantage of the situation by selling Xbox Series X at an even higher price. To top off the confusion, the official Microsoft website for Xbox Series X still says that the retail price of the console is Rs. 49.,999.

Additionally, the cost of accessories such as the Xbox Wireless Controller increased from Rs. 5,390 to Rs. 5,590, whereas the headset’s price was increased to Rs. 9,490 from Rs. 8,990. However, the Xbox Series S is available on Amazon for Rs. 30,850, which seems to be a discounted price. The value of the Indian currency has dropped by over 6.5 per cent since the console launched in November 2020.

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Xbox Series X price increased in India

It should be noted that the price of the Xbox Series controller and Xbox wireless headset has increased in India. The Xbox Series controller is now priced at Rs 5,590 on Amazon and Prepaid Gamer Card. Prepaid Gamer Card is offering a 10 percent discount on the new price. Meanwhile, the Xbox wireless headset now costs Rs 9,490 on Amazon and Prepaid Gamer Card, increased from the previous price of Rs 8,990. If this trend continues, players can expect more hardware price hikes in the coming months.

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