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New State Mobile update now live for Android, iOS: Check what’s new



New State

Krafton has released the June update for New State Mobile and the update is live on Android and iOS. This update marks the launch of the battle royale game’s collaboration with Line Friends, a global character brand enjoyed by many, as players can experience the joy of major characters including Brown, Colly and Sally through various in-game content. The Line Friends collaboration is now live and is available until July 21. The June update also comes with a new Survivor Pass and additional weapon customization slots for the Micro UZI and M16A4. Find a list of all the new features added with the June update of New State Mobile below.

The June Update introduces a new Survivor Pass with Alex May from the Strategist faction arriving in New State Mobile. Players can earn Alex May’s costumes and character appearance by completing all of the Story Missions. Players who upgrade to the Premium Pass will also receive Alex May’s Moonlight Goddess costume set.

New features released with New State Mobile June update

LINE FRIENDS Collaboration:

To celebrate the launch of the June Update, the Line Friends collaboration has arrived on New State Mobile and is live until July 21. Players can jump into the game and start earning various Line Friends-themed items including a costume, helmet, remote, vehicle and melee skin through the collaboration crates. Players can also experience in-game Line Friends decorations when they drop into the starting island and find the Mall region on Troi has been renovated to showcase a Line Friends store.

Finally, during this collaboration period players can participate in a profile reward event that rewards gamers with a Line Friends-themed profile image, BP random crate, title, profile frame, chicken medal and profile frame effect by completing daily missions.

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New Weapon Customizations: The Micro UZI and M16A4 weapons now have additional customization slots to further enhance their weapon customizations and viability. The Micro UZI can now equip a laser sight and the M16A4 now has two additional customization options an enhanced barrel that increases the burst fire rate and a grip that improves vertical recoil control.

Another major item that the New State Mobile update introduces is the MCX weapon. As per the developers, the MCX is the most powerful weapon in the game. “The weapon is a rapid firing AR that uses 5.56mm ammo and has a customisation option to attach an enhanced suppressor,” it says. The enhanced suppressor allows the players to be stealthier, however, when using the enhanced suppressor, the front attachment slot will not be available and the recoil will be increased.

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