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Nicki Minaj is currently stepping on Call of Duty players



nicki minaj is currently stepping on call of duty players

Nicki Minaj is currently stepping on Call of Duty players: As promised, Nicki Minaj is now part of the Judgment universe. Bringing purple explosions to Call of Duty: Modern Battle 2 and Warzone 2.0. Not only is Nikki the first “self-designated female operator” in Call of Duty history. But she’s taking to the battlefield like one of the highest heels ever seen in a first-person shooter.

An uncharacteristic karate chop to the neck and a roundhouse kick

Nicky puts those heels to excellent use in his finishing action (“Get Bodied”), in which the rapper jumps on his opponent’s back and grinds those stilettos into the lumbar and cervical regions of his fallen foe’s spine. Is. Various finishers covered an uncharacteristic karate chop to the neck and a roundhouse kick. Suffice it to say, if you’ve ever wanted Nicki Minaj to make a move on you. Your best bet is really to face her and defeat her in a game of Warzone.

Elsewhere, Nicky’s Operator Package and Tracer % include weapon blueprints for a new battle rifle called The Baddest and a shotgun called the Remarkable Freaky – each emblazoned with the Bryson name and a default pink color. Nicky also releases pink splatter on surfaces she shoots at and destroys enemies. Turning them into explosions of Pepto Bismol and confetti.

Other cosmetics include the Nicki Minaj loading screen, the Vibrant brand, and the Nicki Whip car skin.

50 Years of Hip-Hop Celebration

As noted in the photo above, like other Current Wars 2 cosmetic items. All of the Nicki Minaj-themed content will be brought forward in Call of Duty: Current Wars 3 when that game arrives in November.

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Minaj is featured in Warzone and Current Conflict 2 as a part of the game’s “50 Years of Hip Hop Celebration”. Where she will be joined by Snoop Dogg and 21 Savage as operators. For now, Nicki and Snoop’s cosmetic paraphernalia is available for purchase through the Call of Duty in-sport store.


What do you do in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Online multiplayer combat 

How many games are in the Call of Duty series?


Does Nicki Minaj is currently stepping on Call of Duty players?


What game type is Call of Duty?

First-person shooter

Can I play Call of Duty on my laptop?

Yes, Even you can play Call of Duty on your PC too.

How much RAM does CoD need?

8GB to 12 GB.

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