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Nickname Change Ticket in PUBG New State, now you will be able to change gamertag



PUBG New State

PUBG New State is a completely new game in many ways. On the surface, it takes inspiration from the original PUBG Mobile game and comes with better graphics and game-play quality. But like a new game, it still has limited features, which game developer Crafton is gradually expanding. With the increasing features of the game, now the Nickname Change Ticket has arrived in PUBG New State, which will give you the option to change your Nickname or Gamertag.

Nickname Change Ticket is available in the game’s NC Store, which you can buy using NC. NC or New Currency is an in-game currency that will cost you real money to get it. Let us know in detail about this store and the new nickname change ticket present here.

PUBG New State: Nickname Change Ticket in NC Store

Krafton recently rolled out a major update to PUBG New State. In the new 0.9.23 version of the game, many changes were made and new content was also added. So far, we have seen new guns, customization options, new gaming modes, and other minor changes in this new content. But now the Nickname Change Ticket has also arrived in the game’s NC Store, with the help of which you can change your nickname or gamer-tag in the game.

PUBG: New State also told Twitter to handle this ticket. To buy Nickname Change Ticket in NC Store you have to spend 900 NC. If you don’t have that many NCs, you can buy them using real money.

How to buy NC (New Currency)

To buy an NC, you’ll need to press the “+” button next to the N icon at the top of the game’s lobby. After this, you will be shown the current packages of NC from PUBG New State. You can proceed by selecting the package of your choice from these. After this, you have to pay the money by selecting the payment mode. For this, you can use from debit card to UPI. You can also use Google Play Opinion Rewards to pay for NC.

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