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Online Betting in New Zealand: Technological Tools for Advanced Gaming



The online gambling industry in New Zealand has become a lot more sophisticated in the last ten years, and it takes minimal investments to join the game too. All you need to do is get a $3 deposit casino NZ 2022 promo code, buy some additional gadgets, select an optimal payment system for your preferences, and you are ready to get the best of what the gambling market has to offer.

In this article, we will explain how to download a mobile betting application and introduce some of the most outstanding technological tools to make your casino gaming and sports betting more convenient and exciting. We will also compare several payment methods so that you can decide which one best suits your purposes.


Betting Apps

Mobile applications offer significant advantages over PC browsers, allowing you to enjoy the game anywhere and anytime. The first thing you should check is what type of device you use since you will need different apps for Android and iOS devices, and the former will require an APK file too.

You can browse the internet for relevant installation links, but a professional gaming operator will be able to send them to you directly. If you cannot find the links on the casino’s website, its support team will supply you with everything you need and answer your questions concerning device specifications required for the purpose.

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Possible Technical Problems

What if an app fails to download or open upon a successful installation? Following the instructions below will most likely resolve the issue:

1. First, double-check that you are trying to download the right app for your device (Android or iOS).

2. Your device might not allow installations from unknown sources, in which case you should go to Settings and adjust them accordingly.

3. Your Android device might not have an APK file: install it first or reinstall it if you already have one.

4. Check online or with the casino’s support team whether access to its services is allowed in your area. In case it is not, it often helps to change your area in the device settings.


Once you have downloaded an app, opened an account and made your first deposit, you can start playing games and placing bets. Several modern electronic and digital tools can greatly enhance your gambling experience, and we will discuss some of the most outstanding ones separately for sports and casino games.


Betting Tools

The two biggest problems with sports betting are:

  • A lot of sophisticated statistical analysis is necessary to make the game profitable
  • Constant calculations and tracking distract you from the game, preventing you from enjoying it fully

Fortunately, modern advances in digital technology make it possible to resolve both issues.



It is now possible to place a bet while watching a game, and you no longer have to jump between windows and pages for that purpose.

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In-Game Statistics

A user-friendly interface will provide all the statistics in real time, conveniently present them on the screen and even analyse some of them for you.


Concurrent Betting

This feature allows you to watch and bet on several games simultaneously, provided your screen is large enough to accommodate them all. Tapping on a game will let you zoom in and out, and when you are in, all the relevant statistics will be presented too.


One-Click In-Game Betting

This is one of the most advanced tools, and it allows you to watch several games in real time simultaneously, wager on in-game events as well as on predicted outcomes and place a bet with a quick tap without having to fill in a slip.


Gaming Gadgets

In this section, we will mention some of the most sophisticated accessories that can make casino games and videos slots a lot more vivid and exciting.


Handheld Consoles

This is a panel with all the buttons for manipulating characters in the game, changing your settings and placing bets. Connect it to a big screen and your mobile device, run the app and turn your room into a 3D slot machine.


Head-Mounted Displays

An HMD allows you to immerse in the three-dimensional world of video slots and table games. However, you can only benefit from it fully when you have learned to operate the console without looking at it.


Virtual Reality Headsets

A VRH combines an HMD with stereophonic sounds and stereoscopic images and tracks your head and eye movements. As such, it makes the virtual reality of the game almost indistinguishable from the real world.

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Withdrawal Methods

Modern technology has also made financial transactions more convenient and diverse. The table below shows advantages of the most common payment methods in this country:


Mastercard/Visa High Security
Neteller/Paytm/Skrill No withdrawal fees
Digital currencies Anonymous and instant withdrawals


Note: your payment system should provide an advanced API for a more efficient integration of your software and electronic gadgets.


Final Word

Digital sciences have turned online casinos into a wonderland, and it only takes $3 to get in. And if you need help in making sense of all the features a casino provides, live chat is another technological tool that can significantly enhance your overall gaming experience.


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