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Online Casinos: Free Spins And Why They’re The Best Thing Ever




Let’s get this straight. Online casinos and gambling have always existed and always will. The ability to sit at your desk or thumb around on your phone and win free money is an enticing concept for just about anyone who tries it.

However, with the pandemic still ranging on into its third year for most of the world and jobs mostly moving to work from home, employees from all different walks of life have found a rise in the amount of free time they have. This has resulted in an overall boom in the player base, which has brought about the rise of one prominent thing: Free Spins.

What exactly are free spins? Why are they good? How can you claim them? These are the questions we’ll be tackling in this article today, so without any further ado, let’s go!

What are Free Spins?

Free Spins are usually the best and most reliable perk for online casinos to entice users to begin playing or to play more than they already are. If you’re looking for online casinos that offer free spins, check out this ​​list of UK regulated casinos. The free spin bonuses promised to new users often come with other great promotions, and it’s important for new users looking to cash out to make smart choices on what websites they choose to register accounts with in order to maximise their free spins and deposit bonus earnings.

Usually, these free spins come as a benefit for playing in an online casino, depositing a certain amount or keeping a log-in streak. These free spins usually sound too good to be true, but remember that an online casino is probably earning so much money that it makes sense for them to redistribute that money back to get players for the long run.

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An easy trick to start off is to look out for low minimum deposit casino sites. Some sites start you off at about a pound, and you can easily claim your welcome free spins and try them out.

This is important since the free spins will only be able to be used on certain slot machines of their choosing So while there are no hidden catches, it could be good to spend time testing multiple websites for how good their free spins usually are.

Another way that free spins may be clause-bound is through wagering requirements. Many sites want you to wager high percentages of your opening buy-in to reward you with free spins for being a high-roller. Make sure to read these requirements carefully and if these are within your comfort level, then free spins are always an awesome benefit.

The good thing about free spins is that they’re based on chance, so they’re like bonus cash already guaranteed for you. Not only that, but they’re fun as well, and if you’re looking for a way to pass the time, they extend the amount of time you spend rolling for free rather than paying to play for a chance at earning. Who doesn’t like free money?

How to Claim your Free Spins

First of all, you should know the difference between different types of free spins. There are some free spins more valuable than others, and making sure to balance all these free spin requirements while hopping between sites and claiming them all is an absolutely bang-on way to make loads of money. Trust the process.

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Anyway, here are some of the different types of free spins:


A no-deposit spin means that even without sinking any money into your online casino’s bankroll, so long as you have an account, you can start spinning for a small number of tries, usually picked from the more popular slots on the site.


Contrary to the no-deposit spin, the deposit free spin means that after you deposit a certain amount you will instantly, without needing to spend a certain amount or play a set number of games, be able to claim some free spins. Understand that while the prize will most certainly be better than the No-deposit spin offers by degrees, the free spins offered will come with wagering requirements, albeit smaller requirements than others


A wager free spin is, of course, the ideal. We will go on about what wagering requirements are and how to calculate them for the last point in the article, but first, let me tell you about this free spin. The wager-free free spin (confusing name) is this new kind of bonus free spin promotion that allows your free spin bonus to be claimed instantly. These are scarce, and because of their high value to players, usually extremely time-limited.

All in all, as you will see later when we discuss, for a free player looking to earn money strictly without cost, you should be targeting wager-free and deposit-less free spins and cashing them out regularly from multiple sites. However, the reward to time spent ratio may honestly work out to not be so worth it, so calculate around how you can strategically use your bankroll to enable further free spins down the line and eventually come up ahead.

What is a Wagering Requirement?

In a wagering scenario, you simply take what you earned through the spins and multiply that by a certain number to come up with a sort of taskbar, or a requirement. A wagering requirement of 20 times, for instance, may come up with a deposit bonus free spin package that offers 200 free spins.

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Let’s say you earn an average of five cents per spin, then your free spins will return about ten dollars, maybe all the way up to thirty if you’re lucky. Say you take the case where you earn 30 dollars. Now, you will have to multiply that by 20 to find out the amount you have to bet in order to cash out. Now, does this mean you will have to then deposit 600 dollars?

No. This counts the amount you have to bet, but by playing slots, as any experienced player will tell you, the winds of luck go to and fro, and you might end up ahead with a 100 dollar deposit turned into a 200 dollar balance by the end of your 600 dollars bet. Then, once the wagering requirements are met, usually during a certain time frame, the payout will come quickly from what you originally earned off of your free spins.


In conclusion, today we’ve learned about some of the most beneficial types of free spins, what free spins even are, and whether it’s worth it to accept wagering requirements for a high free spin count. Overall, free spins are perfect for the consumer, especially if you’re in it to play anyway.

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