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Online Dating, How This Generation Hook Up!



Dating, meeting someone to get to know and intimate with that person. How many people think that dating existed long before. But it has been a practice since the early 12th century. When arranged marriage, dating is a precursor of it as an informal way for the couple to get to know each other.

A few more centuries and arranged marriages are not the norms. Bachelors and bachelorettes have more freedom to choose their partners. Some ways to search for significant others include blind dates that are more of a gamble, like how you use interac payment options at Allbonuscodes and online dating across the globe. Let’s check out the comparison from the old fashion to this generation’s dating.

The Old Days

In the old days, arranged marriages were the norm of the elites, and dating was more of a formality. But when tradition is not practiced anymore, it becomes the way to get to know your future partner. It even became a game for some with blind dates with someone you don’t know. Speed dating became popular with many individuals.

There was a trend for mail-order brides but finding love is more of a social event. Then came pen pals or phone pals to some, where two people exchange messages by snail mail or phone calls. The mystique of not knowing who is on the other end adds to the excitement of most individuals.

Many youths engage in dating early in their teens. They meet in diners for affordable snacks or desserts. They are having a wholesome conversation over ice cream or fries and drinks. When they mature, the scenery changes from cafes to bars and restaurants. They hook up and go somewhere private to get more intimate into the night.

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With the advent of the internet comes online dating. People hook up online through emails and messengers. Though separated by seas, their hearts are one. Many fairy tales came through with the help of the world wide web.

The Now

Now online communication is a thing for couples, especially when working abroad. Singles also get some action from social media and dating sites. The popular video streaming site Youtube was also a concept dating site. But video streaming became more profitable, so now we have its current format.

Some find love in unlikely places on the internet. Some meet in comment sections from forum sites and exchange emails or phone numbers. Some meet each other as rivals in an online game but become the best of buddies in the end. Some of them, like online partners, travel across the globe to meet each other face to face.

Most lead to a beautiful relationship. Some fall prey to online stalkers and predators—either after their victims’ identity or worse. But, technology moved us forward and gave us a new way to connect. Some who had cruel intentions became creative in finding victims. Authorities also became more vigilant. Laws and regulations were in place to limit or prevent harmful activities online.

Though the risk exists, love and the pursuit of a partner never deter both genders. Now that mobile apps have conquered the dating game. Applications like their dating site predecessors offer a wide range of selections.

What’s the Future for Love

After the pandemic, even though people are stuck at home, many are still going online searching for one. The longing to have someone to be with is universal. Still, many go to dating sites and messengers. They are leaving DMs special someone in messengers and social media. Online games are more in demand since we can’t go outside.

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But when regulation becomes more lenient, this pandemic will be a thing of the past. Many will again be going out and pursuing their happiness. Some will find it, but many will keep on searching. From the next-door neighbor to someone halfway across the globe. As an old song says, “That’s what love is for” to seek to whom your heart belongs.

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