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Online Slots – What Is the Best Time of Day to Play Slots?



The question “When do slot machines give best?” is legendary. Some players suspect that non GamStop casinos slots have a mechanism that increases the chances of winnings being paid out at set times. Check out the best casinos at But can it really be that the payouts are larger at night than during the day or vice versa? We got to the bottom of the myths and tell you whether there is any truth to the legend or not.

What Is the Best Time to Play Online Slots at Non GamStop Casinos?

If slot machines pay out randomly, where does the assertion by many that the most frequent and highest payouts come in the morning, afternoon or evening come from? Are we dealing with a distorted perception of online casino fans here or is there more to the statement?

Imagine you know someone who regularly plays in the online casino on Fridays. Suddenly, the person learns that Microgaming’s legendary Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot machine is going to be extra loose next Saturday. After countless failed attempts to land a huge win on Friday, it is this Saturday of all times that your friend cracks the €1,000,000 jackpot.

The person will definitely not forget this day. And she will hold on to the belief that the odds of hitting a jackpot on Saturday are higher than on any other day she has unsuccessfully tried her luck at slots. To the question: When do slot machines give best? There is only one right answer for that person.

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If you are looking for the best time to play slot machines, you will probably only find it on the day when a mega profit was transferred to the private account for the first time. The person who won the slot jackpot on Saturday will also count this special day as lucky and try to make the story believable for other players.

What Time Do Slots Hit the Most?

To the question: When do slot machines give best? There is a simple answer: A specific point in time at which online slots guarantee a large payout has not yet been determined. And it will probably remain so in the future. There are people trying to manipulate the Random Number Generator with modified software, since PRNG is an algorithm that uses mathematical formulas to generate sequences of random numbers.

However, modern casino security systems can detect whether a player is playing a rigged machine based on the bet amounts and the delays in spinning the reels. But let’s get back to the question: When do slot machines pay best? The answer to this is: Your chances of winning a payout remain the same, regardless of the time or day you spin the reels of a favorite slot.

Because nobody knows what a player wins in which non GamStop casino and when, you have the freedom to decide for yourself when is the best time for me to play slots.

Which Factors Determine the Right Time to Play Online?

In the following section we have compiled for you the most important factors to consider when determining the best time to play slot machines. They are not a guarantee of a winning payout, but they can increase the chances of winning.

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New Customer Bonus

Anyone new to an online casino will probably ask themselves the question: When do slot machines give best? The answer to that question is: There is no specific time to win. Nonetheless, after receiving a welcome bonus, you have greater chances of cashing out winnings. Your own balance plus bonus balance increases the likelihood that you will end up with more money in your account.


To increase the chances of big payouts, it may be better to wait until the casino emails you a reload bonus offer or until this promotion is available in the promotions section of the casino website. Then you get extra credit for playing on a slot machine. The Daily Drops & Wins, where cash bonuses are distributed daily, are particularly popular.


Probably the best time to play slots is during a tournament period. Best non GamStop casinos offer tournaments with large prize pools within a certain period of time. There you play selected slots for a certain period of time and depending on the rank you achieve, you are entitled to a corresponding bonus.

What Is the Best Time to Play Slots in Land-based Casinos?

Similar to the online casino, the time to play a slot in a conventional casino is not really decisive for a payout. And yet there are two reasons for choosing a specific point in time. In the following you get a small overview.


If you want to try your luck at a less crowded land-based casino, playing weekdays between 10am and 5pm would be cheapest. This is the time when the casinos are least crowded and it is easier to find a seat at a gaming table or slot machine.

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On weekends and weekdays after 5 p.m. the casinos are relatively full. However, slots players in particular prefer less crowded casinos, as it is almost impossible to find an empty slot machine during peak hours.


Professional players using illegal tactics should play on weekends. Alternatively on weekdays after 17:00. This makes them less noticeable. Counting cards in blackjack, for example, is not illegal and is still a no-go for casino operators. In response, players who count their cards while playing may be denied service.


The idea that there will be a time when online slots will pay out more often or more is completely absurd. Casino games have a random number generator, which can be manipulated, but in favor of the providers and not the players. On the other hand, the gambling providers would harm themselves. In addition, the best online casinos not on GamStop would lose their gambling license if fraud was suspected. Nonetheless, the question is: when do slot machines give best? A legitimate one.

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