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Picture in Picture Video Editing: How to Make a Duet Video?



You must be wondering how people edit on that smaller second screen in gaming videos, reaction videos, etc. There is no secret sauce for this; making a video with picture-in-picture is a common practice. You, too, can create stunning duet videos after following our explanation in the following sections.

Picture in Picture video, or PiP Video, is a video editing and placing two videos over one another. Video creators use photo video makers to edit the picture in picture videos and make duet videos for video chat calls, live gaming, interviews, and others.

Excited to make your own picture-in-picture video?

Let’s create PiP Videos with an advanced picture video maker and explore their applications.

What is a picture-in-picture video?

As the name suggests, two videos share the same screen, and one of them is smaller than the other in size. Video creators use advanced video editing tools to provide special effects and enhance the appeal of PIP videos.

Steps to Create Picture-in-Picture Video with Video Editor tools

Step 1: Browse the best video editor and create an account. Most of these tools have free and paid options.

Step 2: Create a project, and explore formats suitable for the screen size. For reference: widescreen 16:9 is apt for the YouTube platform.

Step 3: After format selection, the next step is to upload media from the device. You can add media files from existing ones or take free or paid videos on the platform.

Step 4: Now select the media file and drag & drop it on the editing timeline for a picture-in-picture video.

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Step 5: Add effects to the PiP video. After adding media files, click the video you want to reduce. The smaller video should be on top for better visibility. If your selected video is at the bottom, just drag and drop to change locations.

Step 6: Review PiP Video

Check your final video after edits, and after checks, export it to your system. Save the video in a folder. You can share the media on social media platforms, embed it with a document, and directly upload it for the requirement.

Thus, you can create Duet Videos or Picture-in-Picture Videos with these steps through the editing tool. These advanced photo video maker platforms save time and effort and do not need professional support for making video from images.

Steps to make duet videos on TikTok

Step 1: Install the TikTok app on your device.

Step 2: Open the application and log in.

Step 3: Select a video that you want to integrate into a duet video.

Step 4: Click the share button and select the picture-in-picture or duet video option from the screen.

Step 5: Next, start creating your video while the chosen video keeps running on the side of the screen.

Step 6: You can modify the duet video with stickers and special effects from the setting. Select a cover for the recorded video and go to next.

Step 7: That’s all; your duet video is ready, and you can post a duet video for your audience.

Duet videos on Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a short video-making platform on Instagram App. Multiple options exist to create videos, share memories, and promote business on the app, but you cannot make duet videos directly.

You need an online picture video maker to create duet videos on Instagram Reels. Here is what you need to do:

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Step 1: Copy the video link to the Reels video.

Step 2: Edit the link on the browser and go to post.

Step 3: Select and upload the picture-in-picture video in the installed video editor app.

Step 4: Download the video and share it on Instagram Reels for your audience and business.

Different Ways to Create Duet Videos

  • Reaction: These are the most common format used by video creators. In these duet videos, the main video takes most of the screen, and the reaction to the video comes in the top left or right corner.
  • Floating: A rectangular-shaped video and a circle-shaped video overlap each other.
  • Side by Side: There is a vertical divider between the two videos, and these clips run side by side.
  • Top or Bottom: In place of vertical, these are divided horizontally and accommodated in the two horizontal screens.
  • Three Screens: Three screens are arranged according to one of the abovementioned patterns.

Four Applications of Picture-in-Picture Video Editor

Video Messaging and Editing

Picture-in-picture is very useful in video communication. One small video on the corner of the screen makes interaction faster and in-real time.

People also share adventure clips, driving, and vacation memories through duet videos.


Dating sites use duet videos to arrange meet-ups and conversations. People can chat over video and see each other make the most significant decision of their life.

eLearning-process and explanation

Edutech companies and tutors also use duet videos to share lessons. Creators make educational videos and stream them on TikTok and Instagram through picture-in-picture videos.

Journalism interviews and long-form commentary

Duet videos are also popular in journalism and commentary. Reporting from the zero point, reporters and journalists use the picture-in-picture option to cover the event. They share on TikTok and Instagram and generate maximum traffic.

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In addition, these creators also work as whistle-blowers by sharing content directly with the audience without any formal channels.

Advantages of Duet Videos

  • Duet videos are cool and trendy content to stream on social media channels and websites.
  • Reaction videos are the highly successful format of duet videos. They become viral quickly among netizens and provide the required buzz for your brand. Businesses can utilise the option to introduce their brand, start a conversation around an issue, and form a pool of customers for the brand.
  • Duet videos are also good for user retention and acquisition. Though it was available in basic form for decades, picture-in-picture videos have become popular in recent years. Advanced video editor tools with in-built layouts, hundreds of options, etc., have made duet videos popular among video creators globally.
  • Duet videos are helpful for individual video creators to increase their followers and promote their craft. Businesses can get viewers and followers for their social media pages and brand.

Let’s Sum Up

Create picture-in-picture videos with the help of a leading video editing software and share them on social media pages and websites for maximum benefits. Refer to the guide, compare different software on the web, and choose the best one to showcase your craft. It is a unique way to promote your product and service in front of netizens for maximum traffic and engagement.

These duet videos provide a competitive edge over other video creators and businesses. So don’t wait, start integrating now and bring exceptional web traffic for your channel and business.

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