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Play Crypto Poker with Different Cryptocurrency




Cryptocurrencies were mainly introduced to overcome the limitations of fiat currency systems but gradually crypto coins have started becoming mainstream. Thanks to the innovative blockchain technology that makes crypto transactions so convenient and hassle-free.

What Is Crypto Poker?

Crypto poker is nothing but the traditional poker played with cryptocurrencies. Crypto poker offers some extra benefits that traditional poker cannot provide. If players use cryptocurrencies to fund their poker accounts, they get the added benefits of privacy along with anonymous transfers. These two attributes are highly demanded by players especially from the restricted countries where gambling is partially or entirely banned, and therefore the players prefer to keep their gambling activities secret; crypto poker offers exactly what the players want.

How to Play Cryptocurrency Poker?

To play crypto poker players need to follow some simple steps:

  • Get a crypto wallet
  • Buy some crypto coins (bitcoin or Ethereum or Ripple or others) and transfer them to the crypto wallet
  • Find a licensed crypto poker site and register an account there.
  • Transfer crypto coins to the poker site by accessing the cashier page of the site and then selecting the crypto (either BTC or ETH or XRP etc) and the preferred amount. Then paste the poker site’s wallet address and send the coins to that address.
  • Start playing any poker games on the site.
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Selecting a Crypto Poker site

Before selecting the best crypto poker site, players should consider the following factors:


The online crypto poker room should hold a proper license to operate from any legit regulatory bodies.


Reputed poker sites clearly list the details of their management team; players should thoroughly research their backgrounds and also go through customer reviews to know about the website.

Supported payment options

There must be multiple payment options available at the crypto poker site so that the players do not face any kind of inconveniences while making their deposits. If it is a crypto-only site, then multiple cryptocurrency payment options must be there like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

Signup bonuses

Sign-up bonuses or welcome bonuses are the most lucrative perks that online poker websites provide to the new players. Therefore players should weigh the bonuses offered by each website and choose the one that provides the highest bonus.

Wagering requirements

Players should also check whether there are any wagering requirements associated with withdrawals.

Gaming software

Players should always check whether the gaming software used by the poker website is from a reputed software development company, which is imperative for an amazing online gaming experience.

Customer support

Players should always check whether the website provides 24/7 customer support, because in case of any issues while playing, players always seek help from the customer support team.

Is Crypto Poker Legal?

There is no specific rule outlining the usage of cryptocurrencies in online gambling. But if the safety and reliability factors are questioned, then playing crypto poker is safe as long as it is played in a licensed casino. You can click here to know further more about the crypto gambling and casino games like crypto poker in details.

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Play Crypto Poker with Different Cryptocurrency?

The unprecedented access to the internet urges people to play online, especially when the world has gone upside down due to the COVID pandemic. The casino industry has come to the forefront which is constantly being fueled by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, with bitcoin being the forerunner and other cryptos like Ethereum, Ripple, or Tether following the trend.

Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin poker is the most popular variant of poker played with bitcoins. In terms of market capitalization, bitcoin has the highest circulation and thus most poker sites have integrated bitcoin into their payment systems.

Ethereum Poker

With Ethereum poker, the rules of playing poker do not change but the payment currency changes. Players who intend to play Ethereum poker must transact in “Ether”, the native coin on the Ethereum network. However, Ether is a superior blockchain technology than Bitcoin, and as such Ethereum transactions in any kind of casino games are faster, cheaper, and are confirmed in seconds whereas bitcoin transactions sometimes take as long as 60 minutes. Another unique feature that distinguishes Ether from all other altcoins is the ‘Smart Contract’ that makes the Ethereum transactions ever more secure.

Ripple Poker

Nowadays, ripple coins are also being used extensively by gamblers in online casinos to play poker or other table games. Casinos that accept XRP coins are also licensed and provide huge bonuses just as other crypto casinos.

Tether Poker & more

Tether is the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and since its inception in 2014, it has been widely used in online casinos. Owing to its less price fluctuations Tether coins are pegged to the US dollars and thus are the most preferred coins in crypto casinos after Bitcoin.

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Crypto casinos started with bitcoins but are gradually switching to other altcoins. Each altcoin has some specific features that help casino-goers in their respective ways and therefore, players should choose wisely.

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