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How to Play NCAA 14 on PS4? (Quick Guide 2023)



Play NCAA 14 on PS4

NCAA Football 14, a popular college football video game, has been a topic of interest for many gamers and football enthusiasts. The game, which was last released in 2013, has left fans yearning for a version compatible with the latest gaming consoles, especially the PS4. This article delves into the best way to play NCAA 14 on PS4.

NCAA Football 14 is the last installment in the NCAA Football series developed by EA Sports. The game allows players to control and compete against current Division I FBS college teams. It began its journey in 1993 with the release of Bill Walsh College Football and has since garnered a massive following. The game was widely popular but faced its end due to legal issues surrounding the use of player likenesses without compensation.

This article delves into the game’s overview, its gameplay features, and the steps to play it on PS4. We also explore its availability on the PS5 and answer some frequently asked questions.

Overview of NCAA 14 Game

Play NCAA 14 on PS4

NCAA Football 14 is a video game developed by EA Sports, focusing on college football. Launched in 2013, it’s the last edition of the NCAA Football Series. The game lets players take control of their favorite college football teams from the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision.

Starting with its first version in 1993, the series gained a lot of fans over the years. NCAA Football 14 stands out because of its realistic gameplay, capturing the spirit and excitement of college football. Players can experience the thrill of big college rivalries, the energy of game days, and the strategy behind building a winning team.

However, despite its popularity, the game faced challenges. Legal issues arose over the use of real players’ names and images without paying them. This led to the game’s end, making NCAA Football 14 the last in the series. Even though it’s been years since its release, the game remains a favorite among college football enthusiasts and gamers alike.

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Gameplay and Features

NCAA Football 14 offers players a near-authentic college football experience. The game mechanics are designed to reflect the real dynamics of college football matches. Players can control individual players on the field, execute offensive and defensive strategies, and make split-second decisions that can change the outcome of a game.

  1. Realistic Player Movements: The game boasts lifelike player movements, making actions like running, passing, and tackling feel genuine.
  2. Variety of Plays: Players can choose from a wide range of offensive and defensive plays, strategizing based on the situation in the game.
  3. Modes: NCAA Football 14 features several game modes. In “Dynasty Mode,” players can take on the role of a coach, recruiting new players and aiming for championship titles. “Road to Glory Mode” lets players create a new player, guiding them from high school games to college football stardom.


  1. Customization: One of the standout features is the ability to customize team logos and uniforms. Players can either design their own or pick from existing designs.
  2. Traditions and Rivalries: The game captures the essence of college football by including real fight songs, mascots, and intense rivalries. Players can even establish new traditions and rivalries.
  3. Cover Athletes: Over the years, NCAA football games have featured renowned athletes on their covers, such as Tim Tebow and Mark Ingram. Special editions of the game, like the “Heisman Edition,” come with bonus content.

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How to Play NCAA 14 on PS4?

While NCAA Football 14 was originally designed for older consoles like the PlayStation 3, there are ways to potentially enjoy it on a PS4 through modding. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Get a Copy of NCAA Football 14: Ensure you have a physical or digital copy of the game for PlayStation 3.
  2. Dumping Game Files:
    • Before you can mod the game for PS4, you need to extract or “dump” the game data from your PS3 disc or digital copy.
    • Connect the PS3 to a computer and use specific software tools to extract the game data. There are online guides that can assist with this process.
  3. Find a Mod for NCAA Football 14:
    • Look for mods that are designed to enhance the game for PS4. One popular mod is “College Football Revamped,” which updates graphics, uniforms, and stadiums.
    • Download the mod files to your computer.
  4. Installing the mod:
    • This involves replacing the original game files with the modded ones.
    • Follow the instructions provided by the moderators. Typically, you’ll be replacing or overlaying certain game files with the new modded files.
  5. Transfer a modded game to PS4:
    • Use a tool like PS3Xploit to inject the modded game files into the game data.
    • Transfer this modded game data to your PS4.
  6. Play the game.
    • Once everything is set up, start your PS4 and launch the modded version of NCAA Football 14.
    • Enjoy the game with its new features and enhancements!
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Is NCAA 14 available on PS5?

NCAA Football 14 is not natively playable on the PlayStation 5 (PS5). The game was primarily developed and released for older consoles, specifically the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, back in 2013.

The PS5, Sony’s latest gaming console, boasts backward compatibility with most PS4 games. However, this backward compatibility does not extend to PS3 games, including NCAA Football 14. Therefore, you cannot directly insert a NCAA Football 14 disc for PS3 into a PS5 and expect it to run.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope for fans. EA Sports announced in 2021 that they are in the process of developing a new college football game. While it’s not a direct continuation of the NCAA Football series, it’s expected to bring the college football experience to next-gen consoles, potentially including the PS5. The release date is anticipated to be in the summer of 2024.


  1. Is NCAA Football 14 available on the PlayStation Store for PS4?
    • No, NCAA Football 14 is not available on the PlayStation Store for PS4.
  2. Can you play NCAA Football 14 using an emulator on PS4?
    • Playing NCAA Football 14 using an emulator on PS4 is not feasible due to system restrictions.
  3. Why was NCAA Football 14 discontinued?
    • The game faced legal issues regarding the use of player likenesses and names without compensation, leading to its discontinuation.
  4. Are there any new NCAA football games in development?
    • Yes, EA Sports announced in 2021 that they are working on a new college football game, set to be released in the summer of 2024.
  5. Can you mod NCAA Football 14 on other platforms?
    • Yes, modding is primarily done on PC, and there are various mods available to enhance the game’s experience.
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NCAA Football 14 remains a cherished game in the hearts of many. While it’s not directly available on the latest consoles, the modding community has found ways to keep the game alive. With the potential return of the NCAA Football Series by EA Sports, fans have something to look forward to in the coming years.

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