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Pokemon Go Fest 2021 to be start from 17th July, Check amazing rewards here !!



Popular augmented reality and Mobile real-world company and developer of Pokemon Go with Niantic on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of Pokemon Go shared the amazing experiences for the gamers all across the globe. Pokemon Go was launched on 6th July 2016 and since then, it is ruling out the world and the ardent players can’t stop themselves from tracing pokemon worldwide. You will be amused to know that the game alone itself has a huge massive fan following and approx 600+ million players. After launch, in the past 5 years, almost 465 million pokemon have been caught and 12.55 Billion AR photoshoots have been performed.

 So now what’s the latest news in that?

Actually from 6th July to 15th July, trainers can celebrate Pokemon Go’s 5th anniversary as an in-game event. On this occasion, the game will definitely make it special for Indian users.  Recently Pokemon  Go has featured one super-realistic ski feature that will enable players to apply modifications on the basis of correct weather and light situations and will facilitate them to have a correct experience. Not only this, with it, Trainers can also get the fun-filled balloons of 5 different shapes and can get the edition to fly Pikachu for a limited period of time.

So when will this Pokemon Go anniversary be celebrated?

The pokemon go 5th anniversary will be celebrated with Pokemon Go Fest on 17th and 18th July 2021, and all Indians can purchase a ticket worth Rs 399, to get the amazing experience of the fest.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021

The players who are playing Pokemon Go Fest 2021, can participate in Trainers Global Challenge Arena. This special facility will be limited for the users who have bought the ticket and in India, the trainers will have a wonderful opportunity to connect a link between trainers of other parts of the world.  If the trainer can fulfill any challenge, then he can earn a bonus for the remaining hours. And if trainers are able to complete 24 challenges,  then they can unlock time, space, and one mystery bonus even after weeks of pokemon Go Fest 2021.

Niantic as an official event manager of coming to Pokemon Go Fest 2021, has also set up a deal with Google Play.  Niantic and Google Players have done partnership for giving you an amazing experience of Pokemon Go Fest. In this, all events or Youtube Premium’s three months free membership, Comedy content, and exclusive content like The Try Guys, Google sponsored gift, perfumes, super incubator, 30 ultra balls, and many more amazing rewards have been included.

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