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PUBG Mobile maker Krafton bans over 66,000 accounts for cheating



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  • BGMI bans 66,233 accounts for reasons of cheating.
  • The  Game Developers have decided to take strict action against hackers.
  • More than 60% of cases are related to the modification of the character model, auto-aim hacks, and X-ray vision.

The company is extremely strict when it comes to incidents of hacking. They have zero tolerance for any activity that undermines the integrity and fairness of our game. The company implemented an anti-hack system to catch cheaters in the battle royale. Players with unauthorized third-party apps, scripts, or macros that are caught by the anti-hack team will lose their accounts forever with no chance of recovery.

These players were caught cheating on Battlegrounds Mobile India between March 28 and April 3. BGMI has urged players to play fairly, they suggest you acquire the talents by spending the time within the game and become better by defeating enemies and killing them.

Reasons for Account ban:

After the PUBG Mobiles ban, the team of Battlegrounds Mobile India does not want to leave any gap in the rules and regulations of this game. Anti-Cheating System will always keep an eye on players’ behavior in-game strictly.

1. Use any cheating tools in the game;
2. Using any unauthorized 3rd-party program to log into the game that results in changing the client file data;
3. Any changes of client file data illegally, for example: Remove the grass or change the grass models in-game;
4. Use an unofficial game client to play the game.
5. Fraudulent players in the game or promote illegal information or websites may cause players to lose their accounts or lose money.
6. Team games with cheating teammates multiple times.
7. Use any unauthorized payment channel to recharge UC.
8. Team up with players on the other teams.

Prior to this, the company permanently banned a total of 22,013 accounts from March 21 to March 27 and another 7,057 accounts from March 14 to March 20. Overall, Krafton banned a total of 1,22,766 accounts from BGMI between March 6 and April 3.

A list of all these banned accounts has also been published by BGMI and can be obtained from the official website. Announcing the ban, Krafton said, “BGMI will seek to implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal software to ensure an enjoyable gaming environment.” Banning is part of Krafton’s strict measures against illegal activities that are said to affect the gaming environment. Krafton is committed to keeping its busy players happy while playing.

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