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PUBG New State first esports tournament to begin on Feb 5, will be played exclusively in BR: Extreme Mode



PUBG New State


  • Krafton has announced the first PUBG New State esports event, titled New State Mobile Open Challenge.
  • The event is limited to players who have earned Gold Tier or higher in PUBG New State season 1.
  • The registrations for New State Mobile Open Challenge are now open.

Krafton has just announced the launch of the first esports tournament for their battle royale PUBG: New State. It is set to be held in Korea next month, between February 5th and 19th. It’s called the New State Mobile Open Challenge and will feature a prize pool of over $250,000 USD, the largest the country has seen. It will see players battle it out exclusively in New State’s new BR: Extreme Mode, which launched a few days ago as part of PUBG New State’s January update.

The registrations for PUBG New State Mobile Open Challenge are now open for players who have earned Gold Tier or higher in season 1. Eligible players can register until February 2nd. Players will battle it out in BR: Extreme mode, which features 64-player lobbies and 20-minute rounds. The game mode takes place on the Troi map and the battleground is limited to a small playable area within the map that is randomly picked every match. All players begin with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, fully charged boost meters, and 300 Drone Credits.

PUBG New State: Players can look at the schedule below:

1. February 5th – Online open qualifiers

2. February 6th – Online open qualifiers

3. February 12th – Online open qualifiers

4. February 13th – Online open qualifiers

5. February 15th to 18th – Offline group stage at IVEX Studio in Gwang-Myeong, South Korea

6. February 19th – Offline grand finals at IVEX Studio in Gwang-Myeong, South Korea.

The final standings in each round will be determined by rank points and kill points. Matches from the PUBG New State Mobile Open Challenge will be live-streamed on the official PUBG New State website, YouTube channel, and Twitch channel. Each match will have eight teams of four players in the New State Mobile Open Challenge and the event will use some components of the Standard and Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset that is used in PUBG: Battlegrounds esports.

BR: Extreme Mode is a game mode that only features in PUBG: New State and not its other iterations. It makes matches more high-paced and requires players to be on their feet at all times. The total number of players has been reduced to 64 instead of 100 with each round being limited to 20 minutes.

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