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Questions to Ask Your Retailer Before Signing Up for the Service



Are you out in the market looking for the best energy deal on your electricity or gas? Then you must check all the aggregator websites to find the best offer. Many governments and private websites allow you to Compare Electricity Plans. Some sites do not compare all the energy retailers as they don’t have contracts with all the service providers.

Also, once you have signed up for a retailer, it is advised that you visit aggregator websites every two years, as plans & prices keep on changing with time. Try to choose the plans after giving serious thought as selecting the wrong plan may cost a lot of money per year. Therefore, before opting for a plan, you need to ask several questions to your retailers.

  1. Ask whether this is the best deal they can offer you, try to negotiate on the plan you are trying to choose, and ask them to Compare Electricity Plans and provide you a concession.
  2. The other thing to ask is whether you are locked into the contract. If your agreement is locked in, try to know the terms and conditions.
  3. Ask your retailer what kind of discount you will get when you pay your bill on time. If they offer you a big deal, then set a reminder for the due date because if you miss the date, you might have to pay a penalty fee.
  4. Ask whether you are eligible for any concession or not. The Australian government offers many types of concessions to some groups of people. Try asking your retailer whether other than you (Parents) is anyone is eligible or not.
  5. Are the rates fixed? Try asking your retailers whether the price is set for the entire contract or may vary depending on other factors.
  6. Can you pay your bill monthly? Ask the retailers whether you can pay your bill monthly, allowing you to avoid surprises in the long run.
  7. The discount they are offering is again an important question that you need to ask, many times you can save a lot using discount coupons. Also, ask whether the discount applies to the usage charge or the supply charge.
  8. What is the fines printing in the contract? Read the entire agreement before signing up for any service, as these contracts are legally binding.
  9. Ask your retailers whether you can get a better deal if you sign up for gas and electricity? Many retailers offer you a good discount when you sign up for gas and electricity.
  10. Ask them about the exit fees. This is an important question as down the line, you can find a better provider and a better plan while you Compare Electricity Plans, you have to pay the exit fees.
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Closing Lines

Being a consumer, it is always a good idea to know what you are putting your hands into. Asking the above questions will help you make an informed and right decision that will help you protect your consumer right and save money at the same time.


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