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RAM NFT Gen 2: One Membership NFT You Can’t Afford to Miss



Non-fungible fokens are gradually warming their way into the hearts of many, as a lot more people are joining conversations to tap into its unlimited possibilities. According to the worldwide NFT Adoption Index by Finder, NFT ownership has increased throughout the globe, with Southeast Asian nations such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia at the top of the chart. In addition, as of 2021, it was stated that there were approximately 28.6 million NFT trading wallets.

However amidst all of these, if there is one NFT you shouldn’t miss out on, it is none other than the RiseAngle Membership NFT (RAM).

RiseAngle, Inc., a developer, and publisher of disruptive games created the RAM NFT Membership, a community that grants you exclusive access to the coolest NFTs. RAM NFT was inspired by the need to solve a major problem most NFT enthusiasts face, namely the best way to enjoy the amazing benefits of the NFT industry. Most users are usually in a fix when it is time to choose what Discord servers and Twitter channels to join, to mint or get the pulse of the coolest NFT trends. The RiseAngle Membership NFT is here to change that narrative.

RiseAngle Inc. presents a way through which users can earn by minting from exclusive collections of the coolest NFTs and trade on secondary markets like OpenSea. Beyond earning within the game wallets, creators get to truly own their digital or digitized creations and benefit from owning them in the long run.

Without a doubt, NFTs is the dream-come-true for avid gamers as it presents a sustainable avenue to earn in-game assets and make some good cash from gaming.

How RAM NFT Changes the Narrative for Users

RAM NFT is an NFT membership that allows members to mint NFT from different NFT collections every month. It is a product offering that offers you exclusive access to 12 unique NFT collections. The membership ushers you into a community with your best interest at heart. This community is championed by some of the best in tech who can give you the best advice on minting and all things related to NFTs.

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Everyone who joins this community surely stands to gain unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge which will, in the long run, help to build quality NFT experience. For RiseAngle, NFT is more of an experience than the product itself.

The RiseAngle NFT membership allows members exclusive access to mint NFT from 12 different NFT collections every month in a year, for as long as you are still a member. It’s rather interesting that the RAM Membership NFT itself is an NFT that can be traded in the secondary markets.

The royalty for RAM collections’ NFTs will vary depending on the collection and the future market conditions, currently considered to be between 2.5% and 7.5%, and the royalty for secondary market transactions of RAM NFT – Gen 2 will be 5%.

RAM NFT Gen 2 stands to help members make the best NFT decisions, provides the coolest NFTs for them to mint monthly, and ushers members into a higher dimension of virtual gaming.

RAM NFT Gen 2: Bigger and Better!

RAM NFT Gen 1 was released in 2021 and limited to 400 units, but minting has closed. It ranked high amongst the most successful memberships of NFT projects, while it lasted. Now, the only way to get a RAM Gen 1 is to buy from other persons on secondary markets like OpenSea.

Most users believe that RAM Gen 1 is the best of RAM generations, but wait till you see all that RAM Gen 2 has in store.

The RAM NFT Gen 2 will be released in May 2022 and there’s been a rave around its launch as seen from the intro video of RAM NFT went up on Imgur has attracted over 200,000+ views. It featured swarms of NFT fans joining RiseAngle’s 40,000+ strong Discord Channel and 30,000+ followers on Twitter.

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One rather unique feature of RAM NFTs that makes it one you don’t want to miss is the fact that every month, the token holders will get notified of the collection they’re being granted access to, which is different for every month.

Members can therefore choose to keep or trade the NFTs they mint as they deem fit.

NFTs in RAM Gen 2 Collections

RAM Gen 2 has a lot in store for its members. From within the official RiseAngle Discord, it’s been revealed that the NFT mints members will have access to:

  • Games 3D Art
  • Games 2D Art
  • Digital comic books
  • Metaverse/VR/AR

3D Art

Adding a RAM Gen 2 to your collection of NFTs makes you stand the chance of getting cool 3D models from RiseAngle, which may be with or without utility.

Those with utility could be exclusive maze worlds, mini-games, stories, and secrets within the World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverses (highly anticipated game metaverse by RiseAngle coming in 2023) as well as in other RiseAngle games. The 3D art could be weapons, treasures, or characters, as well as any other kind of models used in games.

2D Art

Another benefit of owning a RAM Gen 2 collection also includes 2D artwork from RiseAngle or their collaborating partners.

Like the game’s 3D art, these 2D arts may or may not have utility in RiseAngle games as well as within other game metaverses, and they could be in the form of environment, weapons, or character models.

Comic Books

You could also receive digital comic books from RiseAngle.

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You may receive NFTs which are compatible with other metaverses and or can be used on multiple platforms.

Bottom Line

RAM NFT is a proof of RiseAngle’s dedication to build out high quality NFT experiences by creating an all-inclusive and enriching community. This is one membership NFT you definitely want to be a part of. You stay updated on NFT trends and get exclusive access to mint from the coolest NFT collections. What could be better than this?

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