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Ranking the most popular casino games to play in 2021



The online casino sector has enjoyed steady growth over the past decade. But that popularity has accelerated dramatically over the last year, during which time the advantages of playing casino games online over visiting a casino in person have been brought into sharp focus.

That growth has allowed both the casinos and the developers who provide their games to invest more into introducing better and more varied games. That in turn has attracted even more players. It’s a perfect example of a virtuous circle in action. However, it begs the question of whether gamblers really go to online casinos to try something new – or are they traditionalists at heart? Here, we count down the games that have been attracting the most players this year.

5 – Baccarat

20 years ago, baccarat had practically disappeared from casinos, to the extent that the producers of the 2005 movie Casino Royale changed the game at the center of the plot to poker so that audiences would understand what was going on. Over recent years, online versions have made baccarat fashionable again, and that popularity has even seeped back into physical casinos.

4 – Poker

The World Series of Poker generated plenty of hype around the game in the 1980s. But it was the online platforms that really made is approachable for new players, showcasing single-player versions like video poker and pai gow that are ideal for beginners. The Legal US Poker Sites website is a useful resource whether you want to play for the first time or you are a big money pro – click here to find out more.

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3 – Roulette

Is there any symbol of the casino experience more iconic than the roulette wheel? This is a game with a history dating back hundreds of years, and it is as popular today as ever. It’s a game that will always attract the casual casino-goer, as there is no skill involved, and a first-time player stands the same chance of winning as someone with years of experience. Today, there are more variations of roulette than there used to be. Extra features like lightning strikes can really ramp up the rewards.

2 – Blackjack

For years, blackjack was the most popular casino game of them all, and it is still favored by more than 30 percent of players. Unlike roulette, it is a game in which learning a little strategy on when to hit, stand, split pairs and so on can go a long way towards improving your win rate.

1 – Slots

Today, the popularity of slot games eclipses even that of blackjack. Slots almost encompass a gaming category of their own as there are so many types with differing features in terms of paylines, scatters, bonus games and, of course, jackpots. New slot games are released every single week, but it is interesting to note that the most popular one of all is Starburst, a game that has been around for almost a decade. So perhaps casino goers really are traditionalists at heart, after all!

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