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Samsung Is Bringing Cloud Gaming To TV Lineup



Samsung Repair Mode


  • Samsung announces cloud gaming for Tizen smart TVs.
  • The company made the announcement during its Samsung Developer Conference keynote.
  • The goal of the service is “allowing users to play the latest games on their Samsung Smart TV.”

Samsung is creating a “Cloud Game Platform” that will provide a “seamless and immersive gaming experience.” Samsung’s Tizen smart TV platform will be used to join the cloud gaming business. The Company is creating a “Cloud Game Technology,” which will use Samsung’s Tizen smart TV platform to provide a “seamless, immersive gaming experience.”

It will be available on Samsung Smart TVs powered by Tizen, a Linux-based operating system that already supports over 200 million Samsung devices.

Samsung Developing Cloud Gaming Service

The purpose of Samsung’s cloud gaming service, according to the company, is to allow “customers to play the latest games on their Samsung Smart TV integrated with the Tizen platform.” The announcement is made during Samsung’s Developer Conference keynote, and the firm didn’t say what games will be accessible, what other platforms it would be available on if any, or when it would be released.

Cloud gaming solves a slew of issues and is unquestionably one of the most promising gaming prospects currently available. It eliminates install/download times, removes hardware requirements, and provides a lot of value with its subscription service model. It’ll be fascinating to see what kinds of games Samsung’s Cloud Game Platform offers in the future, and whether it’s aiming to compete with GeForce Now and xCloud or provide an entirely new service.

The commercialization of 5G network presents a significant solution to the connectivity problems faced by cloud gaming. The next-generation network will provide significantly faster data transfer speeds as well as minimal latency, making it a critical foundation for building a real-time gaming environment.

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“To diversify your game selection on Samsung Smart TVs, we are developing a new Cloud Game platform,” said senior vice president of visual display software R&D Yongjae Kim. “This means that soon you will be able to enjoy games without purchasing high-end hardware, and developers can easily apply Samsung Smart TV’s seamless, immersive experience to new games.”

Netflix also prominently announced its plans to get more into gaming, and we’ve already seen progress towards that goal with new games teased and studios acquired.

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