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How to Unlock and Use Secret Emojis on TikTok? All 46 Hidden Codes



Secret Emojis on TikTok

Hey TikTokers! Did you know that TikTok has its own great collection of secret emojis? All these emojis are different from your phone’s emoticons. But, how can you unlock these secret emojis on TikTok? Here’s a guide on how to use them using secret codes.

TikTok is not all about scrolling short videos. It lets you interact with your friends and other TikTokers. Emojis are a common language to communicate on Social media. Emojis help in making TikTok video captions, posting comments, or when chatting in private DMsHardly anyone knows that TikTok has a secret library of extra emojis that aren’t visible. People refer to these as TikTok’s “secret” emojis, they’re actually not particularly hidden. However, to add one of these emojis to Tiktok, you will need to know a code.

TikTok Secret Hidden Emojis

You might have noticed that several TikToker users use random emojis in the comments that you won’t find on your normal emoji keyboard.

That’s because TikTok has a series of secret emojis, and the only way to use them is to insert a secret code.

TikTok has a collection of 46 hidden or secret emojis that is not available on your phone’s stock emoticons collection. This set of emojis is available for Android as well as iOS TikTok users.

These are mainly divided into two types. The first is round emojis that come in different colors but resemble face emojis in many ways. The second ones are white-colored, flat-top emojis that look like elongated faces with unique expressions.

How to Unlock TikTok’s Secret Emojis?

Every hidden emoji comes with a secret code. To get secret emojis on TikTok, you only have to know about their secret codes. After that, you can easily use them. Unlocking any TikTok secret emoji is very easy.

All you have to do is type one of the secret code words inside two square brackets. Then, the text will magically turn into a secret emoji.

However, these emojis only work in TikTok comments though and you can’t use them on text in videos.


All you need to do is to copy a relevant TikTok emoji code, and then paste it into TikTok. TikTok will automatically convert them to a colorful icon once you post them.

  • First, you’ll want to go to the comments section of any video and tap the option to “Add a comment…”
  • From there, you’ll want to consult’s full list of emoji codes
  • Now, type in two brackets with no spaces with the code word in between.
  • Once you add in the codes for emojis like [smile], [nap], and [wicked] and press the space key
  • You’ll see the “code” transform into an adorable emoji that’s unique to TikTok.

List of Hidden Emojis on TikTok and Their Secret Codes

Each Emoji expresses some emotions. The face emojis show- How do they feel? While the other set is like a paper bag that is showing various reactions.


Note: These emojis only work on Android and iOS devices. You can’t use these emojis on the web version of TikTok.

Final Words

Well, this is all about Secret Emojis on TikTok.I hope you will find this post really interesting. keep sharing this post with other TikTokers too.

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