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Simple Guide to Create Interactive Maps without Coding​



If you are trying to create an interactive map without the assistance of a programmer, look no further, we have ShowMyMap’s interactive mapping software just for you— with the ability to transform as many as 200,000 addresses into an interactive map within minutes, you can easily design your map with ShowMyMap’s customization tools and choose how you would like to share it – privately or with everyone on the web.

Taking into consideration the hassles of coding, the creators of ShowMyMap interactive mapping software have created ShowMyMap to save you time and help you make reliable, useful maps with your data.


Make maps without any codes

ShowMyMap has vigorously proven itself to be a sturdy interactive mapping software that can even be used by people with zero programming and coding skills.

With ShowMyMap, you can not only create a map with a high degree of interactivity but also provide the audiences with an immersive visual experience that can be modified in a variety of ways whenever necessary.


Create a customizable interactive map

We’ve put together a step-by-step procedure to show you how to create an interactive map with ShowMyMap without much hassle-

  • Input your location data on a spreadsheet.
  • Copy and paste the data into the location data box on the ShowMyMap homepage.
  • Follow the prompt to set/edit your location fields, i.e., the location elements you want to envisage on the map, such as addresses, city, county, state, area code/zip code etc.
  • Click “Save Map & Continue.”
  • Provide a title and description for your map.
  • Provide an email address to receive a link to your map.
  • Save your map.

Each map you create using ShowMyMap includes an HTML link that provides you with the access to embed the map on your website by simply copying and pasting.


Powerful Mapping Tools

ShowMyMap’s interactive mapping software offers the same potential as Google Maps. Whether you use Google Maps to get directions, find an address or zoom in and out to modify and calculate distances, the customized interactive map you have created using the tools ShowMyMap has provided can deliver the same functions and a lot more.


Why ShowMyMap?

ShowMyMap aims to provide the users with a fun experience where creating does not necessarily require skills. This platform thrives on its user-friendly, easy-to-use features and utilizes Google Maps API to provide you with reliable and familiar mapping technology.

ShowMyMap’s interactive mapping software can also help you:

• Communicate visualized data with collaborators or audience for appointments.

• Reveal and share valuable insights into your data.

• Generalize useful information and identify opportunities.

In addition, this mapping tool provides full access to all the customization and editing tools needed to transform your data into a beautiful map with full customizable properties.


Create your interactive map today

Ready to create an interactive map to engage your audience? Give ShowMyMap’s interactive mapping software a try now and be amazed by how easy it is to create an interactive map.


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