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Sites that will be useful to newcomers to World of Warcraft



World of Warcraft is a cult MMO RPG that has undergone many changes and additions throughout its history that have revised and modified the game and its core mechanics.

Players who want to try WoW should be prepared to dive head first into the game’s core mechanics, leveling, dungeon and raid systems, PVP and PVE components, activities and professions, the achievement system, and other things that make World of Warcraft a special game for many.

There are two types of sites that can help beginners and experienced players better understand WoW:

  1. Skycoach
  2. Wowhead

Skycoach exists to help players master game content and get help to accumulate resources, gold, and completing raids and dungeons.

What services does Skycoach offer?:

  • Boosting
  • Coaching
  • Gold


Boosting is a way to develop and upgrade a character by transferring an account to a professional player with a guarantee of security from the service.

To order the service, you need to go to, select the boosting service and pay for the order, or leave a request.

The manager will contact you and agree on the details of the order and help you make the payment if the action has not been completed before.

At the specified time, a professional player will access your account and complete the order, the progress of which can be monitored on the site in real time.

To ensure the security of the account from gaming sanctions, VPN is used and guarantees are given from the service in case of disputes.

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Character boosting eliminates the need to deal with the quest routine and allows you to immediately go to highvl content.


Coaching, or learning to play, involves the involvement of a professional player, under whose guidance you will learn how to play your favorite character.

What is the difference with boosting – you do not transfer your account to another player, but communicate in real time, where a professional player watches your game, points out flaws and tells you which skills are better to use, how to behave in PVP and in raids.

For each class, a performer is selected with a good skill in playing this class and an understanding of the game in both PVP and PVE.


The most valuable currency in World of Warcraft, gold is used to buy weapons, armor, potions and potions, resources, jewelry and accessories.

There is never a lot of gold, and you can accumulate it as a game – go through story and side quests, master professions and engage in the production of useful items and equipment, go to raids and sell trophies and much more.

But often, there will not be enough gold to buy starting equipment in order to comfortably go to those very raids and kill monsters to extract resources.

A service comes to the rescue where you can buy the necessary gold.

What should be done:

  1. Select the gold section on the site
  2. Specify the required quantity and pay for the order.
  3. Wait for a response from the manager and agree on the time and method of gold delivery.
  4. Get your gold and go spend it as needed.
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For the security of the transaction from the attention of the administration, the disguise of the unrequited transfer of gold under the guise of an exchange between players is used.

The administration in the World of Warcraft will not be able to react negatively to such an exchange, because the players themselves decide how and with whom to trade and exchange resources, including gold.

In this way, the transaction becomes absolutely safe, and in order to attract the attention of the administration, the player himself must complain to her, which, of course, he will not do.


Wowhead is a large database of guides, resources, bosses and other useful information that aims to help beginners get comfortable in the game world.

How it works:

You are in WoW for the first time and want to upgrade the mining profession.

Wowhead will show you the location of all the ore deposits and the location of the NPC in your city where you can take a pickaxe.

Having gone to the location, you can check your location and the location of the ore rocks by referring to the guide.

When mining ore, you can view a list of potential rewards, since in addition to ore, you can also get gems from deposits that are needed to make jewelry.

If you decide to play for a magical class, then you can find a guide and a comparison – which build to choose – Fire or Ice.

Read about the pros and cons of each build and start developing your character with a recommendation for armor, talents, related professions.

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For example, often magic classes take on the leveling of tailoring, for self-made armor for magicians and jewelry, in order to produce orbs – magical weapons. But this is not necessary, and you can choose other directions just by reading about all the options.


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