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Small Screen Stunners: 3 Games You Need to Play on Mobile in 2022




Small Screen Stunners: 3 Games You Need to Play on Mobile in 2022

A new year is just around the corner. We’ve got a lot to look forward to in the world of gaming, and the mobile sector is looking exceptionally good. The past decade has brought a whole slew of innovations, with mobile games becoming streamlined and more accessible than ever before. If you’re wondering what to play next year, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover what we’re most excited about, and learn how you can get in on the action with the top three mobile genres of 2022.

Casuals Are All the Rage

Smartphone gaming has long since surpassed PC and console options. Holding strong with a 40% market share in the US, we can expect that number to grow as time goes on. The broad availability of mobile devices combined with ultra-fast mobile streaming on unlimited data plans has caused a massive uptick in smartphone gaming—and this has caused casual games to explode in popularity.

These days, casual games are the most downloaded genre in the mobile sector. Mobile play lends itself naturally to casuals, as these games are truly meant to be played on the go. With well-known titles like Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja allowing users the capacity for a quick session while riding the bus or waiting in line at the grocery checkout, they’re perfect for a bite-sized serving of fun during a free moment.

Casuals are easy for developers to create and are usually free for players. They download quickly, and they don’t require advanced hardware. The attraction lies in their simplicity and accessibility, so it’s unlikely we’ll see a deepening of the genre. However, we don’t want profound or complicated casuals. These games are more optimized for portable play than any other genre, and we like them that way.

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Pristine Poker Experience

We aren’t all cut out for casuals. Some prefer higher stakes, and that’s precisely what poker provides. In 2022, those stakes will look better than ever—but that wasn’t always the case. When mobile poker apps first came out, they were clunky, slow, and frustrating. However, the face of mobile poker has changed drastically in the last few years.

Nowadays, advancements in hardware allow gamers to play stunningly beautiful poker games seamlessly on mobile devices. Lightning-fast streaming has made options like live mobile poker rooms a possibility, and poker providers are even offering sign-on incentives to sweeten the deal.

With all that poker hype, many people are becoming interested. This holds especially true in the US, where poker is only now becoming widely accepted and legalized. Many players are beginning to hop on the bandwagon, but you don’t want to jump in blindly with this genre. While the legislation is changing rapidly to become more inclusive, iGaming isn’t available everywhere yet. If you’re hoping to play poker online in the US, it’s imperative you know if your state has dedicated venues.

AAA Games Gracing Mobile

Some people just prefer AAA titles, but these games are usually played on a console or PC. Historically, they’ve been either completely inaccessible on mobile devices or way too glitchy. With the release of Genshin Impact back in 2020, we caught the first glimpse of a massive shift.

Genshin Impact had all the complicated workings of an MMORPG, including total immersion and great mechanics. It provided the seamless gameplay of a big title on a small screen, and that didn’t go unnoticed. Gamers are hungry for more, and we can expect additional developers to follow suit in 2022. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Apex Legends, and other wildly popular titles all have new mobile versions in the works.

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Ready to get your game on? 2022 promises to push the boundaries of mobile play far beyond what we’ve seen in the past. Whether you’re a casual player, a suave poker pro, or a die-hard AAA fan, you’ll be able to experience gaming in a whole new way next year.

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