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Zoom latest feature Remote receptionist: A new invention in video conferencing.



Zoom latest feature: Remote receptionist a new invention in video conferencing.
  • Zoom’s new features is related to help users return to working from offices
  • You can pair a Zoom Room with your Android or iOS device.
  • New Feature of remote receptionists makes it easier for organizations to settle employees who arrive at the physical office in the postlockdown era.
  • A feature will see how many people are in a room in real time.

Indian Government put a ban on Various Chinese apps, but Zoom is the best video conferencing application. In features no application can compete Zoom.

Zoom Regularly Update Their technology to Provide Better services to the users.

Zoom’s new features bridge the gap between employees who will work in the office as Covid-19 lockdowns lift and those who will continue to work remotely.”

Zoom latest Feature Remote receptionist: Guide

Now a new feature is introduce by Zoom app which includes a remote receptionist that welcome people arriving in physical office. It also monitor how many people are in a Physical meeting room at the same time to prevent spread of Covid disease.

This can help users ensure that social distancing protocols are being followed and meeting spaces are not overcrowded.

A human receptionist, working remotely, can guide them through a temperature check and other health and safety protocols if needed.

The receptionist can communicate with an employee via Zoom through a tablet placed in the physical office.

The software counts the number of people in the room. The total is shown on a Zoom dashboard or on a display outside the physical meeting room.

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Businesses can use this technology to empower workers, streamline collaboration between in-office and remote workers, and make the transition back into office as seamless as possible.

Which is better Zoom or Google meet?

If you simply want the best video conferencing platform, then Zoom is the best application.
If you don’t need all the features offered by Zoom, and instead want the other G Suite services included with a G Suite subscription, then Meet will be more than good enough for your remote work or learning needs.
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