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Smart ways to prevent your eye health from blue light



Smart ways to prevent

Have you been looking for a solution to tackle the issue of blue light or better be known as screen time? Increased screen time is one major issue that is being faced after the advent of a pandemic. Though we used to binge-watch shows and spend time in front of the screen, the pandemic has pushed every age group to face the same situation. 

Where everyone is stuck in a house, and with nothing else to do, they shifted their attention towards the screens. For students, they have shifted their mode of education online via laptops and seniors have tried to find out something experimental and unique and learn some new digital devices. 

The digital shift 

This digital shift has brought up a strong dependency on digital screens. Well if you have to earn your daily bread you actually need to work in front of the screens for 8 hrs and more, that is an actual harsh reality. This digital dependence makes us prone to excessive exposure to blue light. We might have come across various writings on how blue light is harmful to one’s eye health. Have you ever thought that there could be a different picture to all this? 

The reality of blue light

What has been an issue for quite a long time was actually a man-made concern! These blue lights are part of the visible light spectrum and they are abundantly found in sunlight, but the blue light found in sun rays are not that harmful as w/e do not spend our majority of time outside. The major source of exposure we experience is through artificial sources that being the digital screens and LED lights. As we are forced to spend our time in front of it knowingly and unknowingly. 

Initially, the blue light was associated with memory boosting and even with increased attention span. These lights are also capable of affecting your circadian rhythm, which is your sleeping cycle.

Effects of blue light 

The person who is affected by excess exposure to blue light has shown the symptoms of eye strain and fatigue and even has experienced major and minor headaches as well. Many have also experienced the issue of constant dry eyes and irritation around the eyes as well. 

At night when people use the digital screens, it gives a signal to the brain that it’s already daylight and a small scrolling changes into a whole stretched process of watching screens for hours and hours. 

How to tackle smartly?

The best and smart method would be to switch to blue light blocking glasses, you can even buy these prescription glasses online. These glasses are efficient in blocking 100% of the blue light from reaching the eyes. This method will automatically reduce the issues of strain and headache. 

The dry eyes situation is one of the common problems being that when we usually look at the screen, we tend to forget to blink the eyes, causing irritation and itchiness. You just have to remember to blink regularly and if the issue still persists consult an expert for the same. 

For using digital screens at night, the best methods would be to avoid dim light settings, switch to anti-blue light glasses and even switch to night mode. This will make sure to prevent affecting one’s sleep cycle. 

These do not in any way affect your vision as these are plain glasses with a blue light coating, so there is no such difference that will affect one’s vision. 

Designer blue light glasses 

Now, when you have made up your mind to get yourself blue light glasses, make sure that you get them in absolute style. You can look for the glasses for men, for some amazing collection of glasses. Here are a few suggestions that you might actually want to consider while purchasing glasses, well these are a few suggestions but the opportunities and nth to be explored. 

Big broad glasses- If you are a guy looking for some frames to don, then try the big broad beauties. Generally, broad frames are actually a perfect fit for guys, they add a bold look to the personality. While looking for some worthy picks, these must not be missed. 

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