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Snapchat AI has gone ‘rogue’: users react to chatbot posting stories



snapchat ai has gone 'rogue'

Snapchat AI has gone ‘rogue’: Snapchat’s My AI behaves inconsistently for hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. The AI chatbot published a weird story on its profile and answered in unusual ways in chat, causing discomfort among its users.

Released earlier this year, Snapchat chatbot My AI is designed to act like a friend. Allowing Snapchatters to talk to it and get help on a range of topics, including places to go. How to use Lenses and how to dress properly.

However, the bot temporarily stopped working and answered all questions with “Sorry, I’m having a technical issue…” Similarly, My AI posted an image in its story – its first real one – of what appears to be a wall or ceiling. This message was immediately removed.

Some Snapchatters even panicked, thinking it was a picture of a wall in their private home. However, these fears were soon dispelled and it was decided that everyone was seeing the same story.

Coinciding with the speculation on X (formerly Twitter). Snapchat announced today that my AI had a bug and the problem is now “fixed”. However, the platform hasn’t yet commented on the unusual photo posted by My AI in his Story.

Snapchatters complain(Snapchat AI has gone ‘rogue’)

Some Snapchatters have now spoken out. Claiming that the My AI story is from their own homes. They show how their walls resemble the mysterious photo and insinuate that the AI secretly took it. Have done

However, these claims seem very far-fetched considering that. The story is an everyday picture of a white ceiling and a beige wall — if it’s a wall at all.

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One user @RyanJKrul posted on X (formerly Twitter). “My Snapchat AI posted a random second story and isn’t responding to me and I’m upset.”


Is the Snapchat AI real?

Uses OpenAI’s GPT technology.

Did Snapchat AI get hacked?

It was a glitch.

Is Snap AI free?

Yes, Free for all users


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