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Snapchat now gets Raksha Bandhan Bitmoji, AR Stickers: check details



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  • Raksha Bandhan 2021 will be celebrated all across India on August 22
  • Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters.
  • Bitmoji is customizable avatars that you can add to your Snaps.

Raksha Bandhan is here! It is a day to celebrate the bond with our loved siblings. The social media platforms have brought in exciting stickers and filters to get you in the vibe of festive. Snapchat introduces first-ever Bitmoji stickers and Rakhi exclusive AR Lenses. Rakhi Lenses allow Snapchatters to virtually tie a Rakhi on their wrist through Snap’s exclusive AR Rakhi Lens. This unique lens has been specially crafted to celebrate Rakhi even if we are celebrating from miles away.

The introduction of Bitmoji took emoji personalization to another level, enabling users to communicate their thoughts and emotions not just through a generic face, but through digital representations of themselves. Bitmoji allows you to be as innovative as you want to be. Your digital avatar can have curly hair, straight hair, or no hair at all! They can be dress up the way you like and can be an exact reflection of your changing moods throughout the day. They can also help you celebrate the different festivals in fun ways.

The new Bitmoji will be more customizable, with new skin tone, hair color, and facial feature options. You’ll also be able to take a selfie to help customize your Bitmoji. You can even add Bitmojis to the real world. Within the Snapchat app, you can have your Bitmoji do yoga, make dinner, or even walk the red carpet – all while appearing in your real-life environment. Since 2015, Bitmoji has seen a 5,210% increase in unique visitors over 18, according to measurement and analytics firm ComScore.

How to add a Snapchat sticker?

  1. Open your Snapchat app
  2. Take a picture by tapping the circular button at the bottom of your screen
  3. Tap the sticker icon — a square with one folded corner
  4. Select the sticker of your choice
  5. Tap and drag the sticker to move it, or pinch it to change its size
  6. Repeat steps 3-to-5 to add multiple stickers
  7. Send your snap using the blue icon in the lower right corner

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