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Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac




Have you lost your data somehow? Want to recover it? If you are looking for data recovery software, then Stop your search here. As Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is all set to help you out. If you have ever researched data recovery software, then you must have heard the name Stellar Data Recovery which is also called Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software.

So, in this post, We will give you a quick rundown of all its features, latest versions, and everything that you want to know. So keep reading !!

What is Stellar Data Recovery Professional

Stellar data recovery software first originated in the year 2000. It is basically a software bundle that helps users to restore all sorts of information whether it is lost or corrupted. Stellar is highly efficient and is able to address the most common codecs associated with images, documents, audio, and video files.

Well, data can be lost due to a variety of reasons like –

  • accidental deletion,
  • formatting,
  • malware attack,
  • partition loss or deletion,
  • unrecognized file system,
  • BitLocker® encryption
  • crashed system

So, you need a one-stop solution for all these problems. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac here acts as a boon for the users. No matter whatever the scenario is. Moreover, This highly prominent data recovery professional software also assures you a comprehensive and permanent data recovery.

Steps to Activate Stellar Data Recovery Software

  • First of all, You have to run the Stellar Data Recovery demo version, in case it is not running already
  • Then go to the menu bar, here look for the Activation tab. When you click on Activation, a dialog box will appear in front of you.
  • Now, it will ask you to ‘Enter activation key to activate the product’ in the pop-up dialog box.
  • Quickly paste the activation key that you may have received on your registered email
  • If it gets activated successfully, then you will get a message on your screen like the ‘ Stellar Data Recovery Activated Successfully’ message box. Here, click on the ‘Ok’ button.
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Is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac safe?

Now the question arises – is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac safe?

Yes, it is completely safe for Mac. Why we are saying so? Because Malwarebytes gave this software a clean chit and has not reported any threats or malicious files. Another reason is – It is a stand-alone app so it can’t be bundled with any other malicious apps or processes.

Moreover, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac only performs read operations so, it won’t be able to write any additional data to your storage device.

It does not put any adverse impact on your hard drive.

And you know what’s the best part about it?

This software helps users to create an image of the storage media. So, users can scan the disk image to recover data in case the original device is not available. For this, you can take the help of the “Create Image” feature in the program.

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac: Pricing and Licenses

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac has 5 editions:

For Mac users, there are two versions of this software available :

  • Free Edition
  • Standard – $69.99
  • Professional – $89.99
  • Premium – $99.99
  • Technician – $149

How Stellar is a comprehensive Data Recovery Tool for Mac?

  • Stellar helps to recover deleted documents, emails, videos, audio, and photos
  • It allows users to recover data from a crashed or a nonbooting Mac
  • Moreover, This helps in recovering data not only from corruption, and partition loss but also from unrecognized drives
  • It is highly compatible with M1 & T2 chip-enabled Macs
  • MacOS Monterey 12.0 and lower versions are supported on it.
  • Stellar can recover data from all products of mac like MacBook®, iMac® Mac Pro, and so on.
  • APFS, HFS, HFS+, ex-FAT & NTFS drive are compatible with this software.
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Key Features

  • Stellar supports recovery from encrypted disks,
  • Time Machine backups (including Apple’s Time Capsule) are also possible
  • Boot Camp partitions are the key feature

Stellar assists users in cloning drives like “data Rescue”. But this usually takes time. You can expect multiple hours to export 120 GB SSD to an external drive.

likewise, Stellar includes S.M.A.R.T. monitoring though the utility doesn’t exactly advertise the feature.

  • Empty Trash recovery

Sometimes what happens is – we delete something and it goes to the trash, right? But what if we clear all stuff from the trash also, Is it any way to recover data emptied from the trash folder? The answer is Yes, Stellar Data Recovery Professional software for Mac can do this.

  • Erased Volume Recovery

Most of the time, data gets lost due to volume or drive formatting. So, Stellar can also recover this as well from Mac drives.

  • Crashed Mac recovery

Glitches are most common nowadays. But to avoid data loss due to such glitches is important. Here to avoid data loss from crashed Mac drive, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac retrieves data from a non-booting Mac. The software helps in this situation by allowing data recovery from crashed or non-booting Mac through an activated link without using any external bootable device.

  • Lost Volume Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac also assists in locating the missing or deleted logical volumes on Mac. So, if you are unable to find some important files on your mac, then also this software can be helpful for you.

  • Recover Unlimited Types & Formats of File
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Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac can recover any type and format of file irrespective of whether it is an email, document, video, audio, or image. Moreover, it also gives us back in adding custom file types. Isn’t it great?

Final Words :

Hey folks, Get your couch ready and keep calm if you lost your data and want to recover it. Since Stellar data recovery Professional for mac is here to help you out in all data lost scenarios irrespective of data formats.

Give it a try and share your thoughts. As you know, We love to hear from you.

Happy Reading 🙂


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