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Tech Nukti App: Download and Setup Gold Zip Lock Screen App



Tech Nukti

As we know that today we have a variety of options available to set our display screens on smartphones.  Starting from simple wallpapers to 3D graphics, everything is easily accessible. Live wallpapers are also an effective addition to that.

Still every day many new tools are coming to enhance this experience and provide us with some amazing distinct themes. Gold Zip Lock screen app is one such example that is getting much popular and is available on the Tech Nukti app to download and set up.  This helps users to integrate unique and beautiful backgrounds and themes.

Now you must be thinking that what Tech Nukti Gold zip lock screen app is, Right? So basically it is a superb way to give a complete transformation to your lock screen of smartphones with an amazing Golden Zip Lock. Tech Nukti is a platform that serves its users with some amazing bundles of material about technology, applications, social media tips, and techniques.  Not only this, but it also comes with some cool hacks that could be much beneficial in our day-to-day lives.

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What is Technukti app?

Basically, Tech Nukti is a website that reviews a variety of apps on its portal. Likewise, is currently reviewing Gold Zip Lock Screen app. This is not a new app and many people are already using this app on their smartphones and smart gadgets.

With the help of the TechNukti app, you can download this God zip app lock and can easily change your lock screen wallpaper with a wonderful collection of wallpapers. Moreover, if you are looking for genuine guides, articles, or tutorials on technology, apps, then also you can visit the TechNukti app. and you know what’s the best part about the apps provided by the TechNukti app? It is that- all the apps available or mentioned on Tech Nukti are well verified on the Google Play store as well. So you can download them easily without bothering much about their authenticity.

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And you know what all the apps of TechNukti are genuine ones and this app does not work with any modeled or cracked versions of the apps.

How to Dopwnload Tech Nukti App GOLD Lock Screen App

If you are on a quick hunt for Tech Nukti App GOLD Lock Screen App then great news guys, you have landed at the right place. As we have prepared a complete rundown on how to download the Tech Nukti app Gold lock screen app and its complete installation process. Just continue with your reading and you will all the answers readily served at your doorstep.

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6 Steps Guide to Download and Set Up Tech Nukti Gold Zip Lock Screen App

Step 01: Initially what you have to do is to Go to the browser of your smartphone and open it.

Step 02: After that, type in Tech Nukti Gold Ziplock Screen lock in its search bar. Once you enter, it will show you multiple links, go for the most reliable one.

Step 03: Now open the most convincing one and click on it.

Step 04: Start looking for the link to download the app in the various articles shown on your screen. Click it and then press the install button.

Step 05: As soon as you will click on that link, it will start downloading in the background. This may take a few moments, so you are advised to keep calm and avoid multiple clicking on the same download link.

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Step 06: When it’s finished, launch the app and start enjoying it.

How to Set Up the Gold Zip Lock Screen App?

 Now once you are done with the downloading of the app, now it’s your turn to set up the Gold Zip Lock Screen App, right? So for that follow the steps given below :

Step 01: Initially Go to the Gold Lock Screen application and launch it.

Step 02: As soon as you open it, it will ask you to give some permissions, so you have to give that accordingly. Like It will ask you whether you want to “Draw on top of other applications.” To proceed, click the ‘Enable‘ button.  You can do that without thinking much, as this will not going to harm your device anyway.

Step 03: Now as you click on enable the option, it will redirect you to another screen.

Step 04: On another screen, you have to check the box next to “Allow drawing over other applications.”

Step 05: As soon as you do it, you will be brought back to the Gold Zip Lock App after activating.

Step 06: Now it’s completely on you to personalize or customize the lock screen the way you like. It will show you a bundle of themes and wallpapers.

Step 07: After you’ve finished configuring, click the enable screen button.

How to Customize the Lock Screen, Using Gold Zip Lock Screen App?

Now you must be thinking that after successfully completing the download and set up process, how can you customize the lock screen using the Gold zip lock screen app, right? So if you are also thinking about this, then just go ahead with this guide.

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Step 01: First of all, if you want to switch between the wallpapers then you can click on the wallpapers button and pick anyone and finally proceed. Here you can Select Pink Tick.

Step 02: After that, you may selectively pick the Zippers style. For this, you have to click on any one to modify the zipper style.

Step 03:  Now you may also pick the row styles by clicking on the Row styles button.

Step 04: Now on the app’s home screen, you can preview your customized design by clicking on the Preview icon.

Step 05: It will surely meet your expectations, if Yes, then click the ‘Enable Lock Screen’ option at the end.

Gold Lock Screen App Details

  • App Name – Gold Lock ScreenSize – 10.71 MB
  • App Version – 6.0
  • Installs – Over 5,000,000 installs
  • Category – Privatization
  • Developed by – Premium Zipper Lock Screen

Is the gold lock screen app good for mobile?

It is a safe app but this type of app consumes more battery that can be harmful to your mobile battery. For more trending technology news stay connected

Final Words

Hey folks, thanks for reading so far. This is all about the Tech Nukti app. Here we have listed everything about how to download this app, how can you install it and how can you customize the wallpaper. I hope you would like it. If Yes, then share it maximum with your friends and family.

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