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TechZimo is Back!



A year back I was surfing the web and was looking for a new name for my startup. I was very attracted to the name TechZimo. However, I wasn’t able to get the domain because it was owned by someone else.

Recently I was on my way to Home and got a reminder from GoDaddy and I registered the domain via auctions and now the domain is no more owned by the previous owners and all the previous articles have been removed.

I’ll be writing a lot of interesting articles and research about Tech, Gadgets, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming. I’ll also suggest you some wonderful products you shall consider purchasing. However, I’d limit this website to tech products that I use on a daily basis or have bought.

Although it isn’t hard to write up articles about any topic with a lot of articles available on the Internet, my intention here is to write about stuff I’ve tested and reviewed. It’s because only a user has true knowledge about the product.

Stay Tuned.

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