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The Best Games for the Holidays



The Best Games for the Holidays

Getting together for the holidays is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Being surrounded by those closest to you is certainly something to be celebrated, but occasionally it can still be helpful to have something to break the ice, ease the tension, or generally raise a giggle. We’ve collated a selection of games that all families will enjoy. Some are board-based whilst others will require a console and some, nothing at all. This means there’s something suitable for all budgets and for families who have a handful of technophobes too. So, without further ado, these are the games that you can’t afford to be without this Christmas.

Card Games

If you’re on a tight budget, or you’ve left things until the very last minute then that doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the fun. Card games require only a deck of cards and a bulletproof understanding of the rules. Stick a set of cards in somebody’s stocking and you’ll have enough variety to keep you going for the whole holiday season. If you’ve got an ultra-competitive family then you could try and spice things up by playing betting games like poker or blackjack to see who’s really the card master. Taking the reins means that you’ll need to thoroughly understand how the game works, so spending a little time practicing before the big day is advisable. If you don’t have anyone to practice with at home then taking your studies online can be a good idea. ArabianBetting has a list of online casinos in the UAE that have plenty of card games available to play. All of these casinos offer bonuses to new sign-ups so you can save a little money whilst you get to grips with the basics of the games. Once you’ve got the gameplay down to fine art, you’ll be ready to teach your folks how to play a whole host of different games.

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If you’re after a classic and you’ve got a group who aren’t too prone to arguing then it doesn’t get better than Monopoly. This board game has been an ever-present item in the gamers’ gift guide for decades now and with good reason. There are all kinds of different varieties of Monopoly that you can choose, one that’s based on the city where you’re celebrating is a thoughtful choice, or one that’s based on wherever your family hails from. there are plenty of options for pop culture fans too, your holiday crew might be fans of The Simpsons or Star Wars and they’re well-catered for in the Monopoly world. The only tips for this game are to put someone trustworthy in charge of the bank and to set a time limit for the game. Nobody enjoys paying their uncle’s rent for six long hours until they’re finally, totally out of money, an hour is more than enough.

Just Dance 2022

Groups that enjoy letting their hair down and having a laugh will love the latest installment of Just Dance. A brand new release for PS4, Just Dance encourages everybody to get on their feet and shake what their mother gave them. There are forty brand new songs from recent charts to classics that the oldies can enjoy. There are also four different modes that you can play. Co-op mode allows you to team up with friends and work hard to win together. Sweat mode will be the perfect choice for the post-Christmas workout, encouraging you to burn plenty of calories and tracking them as you go. Quick play is great if you just want to get set up and running as speedily as possible and there’s a kids mode too for when the adults have had enough. Another great feature that’s been added for this year is the seasonal events calendar. This means that you’ll have new dances to try out depending on the time of year, we can’t wait to see what Santa has in store for the holiday season.

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