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The Bitcoin Basic Guide for the Newcomers



Bitcoin is one of the first and oldest digital coins in the crypto market. It is a virtual or digital coin that employs the P2P technology known to facilitate quick payment in the market. Bitcoin remains a unique coin, and it has a limitation of up to 21 million in the market. If you are among the novices about Bitcoin, read on. Here we will be talking about the basic introduction of the coin and how to get it in the market. However, if you intend to explore the topic in detail, you can visit Have a look at the essential guide as under:

An Overview of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, and it came on the market in 2009 by a man known as Satoshi Nakamoto. The people who brought this coin in the market are known as Satoshi and not one man. There are several roles to play when we talk about this coin:

  • It works within the network known as Cryptography, and it is recorded like a dispersed public ledger known as Blockchain.
  • The coin is unique, and it has a finite number of coins.
  • Bitcoin is developed like a reward that comes with mining.

By 2015, around 100K vendors and merchants started accepting Bitcoin as the payment option. A majority of traders are now suggesting that it will make many people secure and prosperous.

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Understanding BTC Mining and its Working

It is a process that helps verify and add the transactions and works as a Blockchain, acting as an online ledger. The BTC miners are given too many rewards and transactions coming along with new BTCs for their efforts. Many more miners are required to validate the transactions and then add the Blockchain due to different transactions’ history. All this is required to avoid the double spending of the coin, and many spend massive money for the same coin two times. Miners get the reward once they solve the complex math-based problem, which helps win the blocks of transactions. The challenge of this issue is that many people with computing power employ network miners at any point in time. The computing power uses too many things to solve the problem.

Types of Wallets for BTC Users

There is a wide range of wallets for BTC users. Some of these are indicated as under:

  • Desktop wallets: These are installed on the computer and help access BTC funds and get encrypted security.
  • Mobile phone wallets: These are installed over many mobile devices, and it helps in using BTC funds wherein you find them there.
  • Web wallets: These are hosted like a third party, and it further helps in accessing the Bitcoin funds from any device coming along with the internet connection.
  • Hardware wallets – these brick-and-mortar devices wallets help store the funds offline and give the users extra security.
  • Paper wallets: These are paper pieces with a BTC public key that matches the private key.
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Getting Your Bitcoin

You can get the coins in several ways

  • You can accept a payment option while selling your products or services to customers. You can even accept in your physical store by displaying the option of Bitcoin-based payment at your POS counter. Also, many customers are happy to pay with Bitcoin.
  • You can buy Bitcoin without having any person or middle man in between. You need to find out a person who employs P2P exchange, including Paxful and LocalBitcoins. All you need is to enter the right amount and then check the field of agreeing about the payment method.

How Can You Buy or Sell BTCs?

Again you have several ways of doing it, and some of the standard methods are indicated below:

  • You can easily buy them from a BTC exchange like Coinbase.
  • You can employ the P2P exchange platforms and find them selling the coins.
  • Finally, you have the option of finding a BTC ATM in your location and getting the same.
  • You can get the option to sell your BTCs to any Bitcoin Exchange and then can help in sending them with the help of a Bitcoin address.

Where Can You Use Your BTCs?

You can use Bitcoin to buy several items and different shops and merchants. You can even help in using Bitcoin and thus allow you to act like transportation and accommodations.


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