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The Most Popular Online Sports In India



We used to play cricket, football, basketball, and other local games in the parks and grounds. But with the up-gradation of technology, we have all come a very long way.

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Nowadays, people are not only playing online sports but also placing a bet on sports online from India. Although most of these online games are free, some cost money to install and play from application stores.

How to place a bet on sports online from India

Several applications available on the internet provide the facility of placing a bet on sports online from India. Most of the people can enjoy the facility of playing with their friends while sitting at home.

That is why placing bets in video games and online sports has become an easy task. However, there is more scope of improvement in online gaming technologies when coated to online sports in other nations. Let’s have a look at what all kinds of games can be played online in 2020.

FIFA Soccer

In the large franchise of FIFA, Soccer is the latest game added to the list. Since it is an EA game, it provides the best graphic features to gamers to enjoy the game while playing.

There is an additional feature of playing tournaments with 550 teams in the game. This is rarely seen in any online sport in India. The game gets refreshed with several updates throughout the year so that you can expect a good gaming experience with FIFA Soccer.

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You must try playing the game if you are a soccer fan. And even if you are not, you will fall in love with the features of the game and start playing it.

NBA Jam and Mobile

There are only a few online sports games in India which can keep the gamers hooked to the screen. NBA Jam and Mobile live are two games you can try playing if you have a specific interest in basketball.

Gaming can help you reduce stress, especially when you are playing your favorite sports. NBA basketball arcade has a team of two versus two. However, it is not free. You have to buy it with all in-app purchases for $4.99.

Since the game is not free, it involves no advertisements and comes with a hardware controller and other advanced features required to enjoy smooth gaming. It is the best mobile basketball game in India.

Ok Golf

Golf is rarely played the sport since playing golf in real life can be expensive. However, playing OK Golf has dual advantages. You can learn the techniques of playing Golf without spending a fortune and get to socialize with gamers who are interested in playing Golf.

You can even place a bet on sports online from India for Golf while sitting in the comfort of your home. OK Golf provides you the experience of playing classic golf with old arcade, updated features.

Gamers are required to only pay once $2.99 at the beginning of the game, and they shall be good to go. You can even find the people from the Golf community to interact with and share your opinions on the game.

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Rapala Fishing

Gaming sports in India has come a long way when it can be seen that there is a fishing game as well for gamers. Rapala Fishing is an incredibly joyful game where you don’t have to be aggressive and cold-blooded to win.

It has several features that make it the most popular online sports, like locations, decent graphics, daily tournaments, and easy controls. All of these components add up to the game to make it joyful.

Many gamers have reviewed this sport and helped them to relieve stress and deal with anxiety. Online sports are made to make you feel happy, and this game fulfills the task wisely.

RBI Baseball 20

There are some games by franchises that get better every year with upgrades in technology. RBI Baseball 20 is the newest game launched by the MLB franchise.

Franchises like the NBA and NFL have not been able to bring such games in the online sports of India. Characteristics like official rosters, the playoffs, seasonal teams, and recreations of all 30 MLB ballparks make it one of the best baseball games played in the online medium.

Only a few people know the technicalities of playing baseball; this game helps them to enhance understanding by paying only $3.99 for once.

Even if you haven’t played baseball ever in your life, you can explore the game, place a bet on sports online from India

and develop an interest in online sports in baseball.

World of Tennis: Roaring 20s

The best thing about this game is that there are two modes available for the players- one is an online multiplayer mode, and another is the career mode. So if you want to have a career in tennis, then you can choose the latter.

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It is free to play the game, so you don’t have to pay any amount for installing it. Many players have highly appreciated the 1920s look of the game as it offers a different kind of gaming experience.

There are several customizations also that you can try while playing the latest version of tennis.

The online sports arena is emerging highly with the latest technology. Who would have thought that we would be enjoying all the childhood games while sitting at home and connecting with friends? Online sports in India has also offered us an opportunity to socialize better.


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