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The Pros and Cons of Using a Website Builder



If you are wondering how to get up and running with your very own website, perhaps you might want to consider using what is known in the industry as a website builder. For the most part, and with the right platform, you can have your website up in a single afternoon, if only just the bare beginnings. So, what exactly is a website builder? Is this something you may want to consider, even with no web developer skills? The answer is quite simple, really. Yes! These are just the people website builders are made for.

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To better understand just what a website builder is, let’s look at a few of the pros you’ll find when looking at platforms well-known in the industry. One particular platform was created by a group of college students back in 2006 and as one bona fide Weebly review explains, it was created for personal webpages and small businesses. So, let’s see what a good website builder is all about.

No Coding Needed

If you are just creating a blog, personal webpage or a small business mom-and-pop kind of shop, a website builder is ideal for you. You will not need to know any coding, so everything from images to webpage layouts are there for you to see as you create. Website builders are user-friendly platforms, or at least they should be, and that’s why you read the reviews! Users will tell you what they found compelling and any features that gave them a bit of trouble.

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Drag and Drop Features

A website builder should offer drag and drop features so you won’t need to sort through numerous file folders and files within to get the elements you want placed on your pages. Again, a good quality website builder will rely heavily on visual processes so that you can see how your page is coming along as you build it. With the drag and drop feature, you really don’t need to know HTML coding because you will simply pull something out of a file on to the page and that’s all there is to it. However, there are various levels within subscriptions, so some features are only available with paid offerings while other features, the bare bones, are available within free website builder options. Make no mistake, however; even free website builders come with all the features you could want to build an amazing website, often within a single afternoon.

Options from Free to Paid Subscriptions

As mentioned above, free website builders also offer paid subscriptions that give you greater tools for such things as an e-Commerce website, for example. Features such as shopping carts and search functions are mostly available with paid website builders, but these are usually only important for small businesses selling products online. If you are simply building an affiliate webpage with links to sites selling the products you will get a commission for, you do not even need a shopping cart. That is something the retailer will pay you as per their payment agreement.

Import and Export with Ease

There is one more advantage with using some free website builders. With some platforms you will find it easy to import and export pages. Some website builders are proprietary to their own platform and so once you build a site with them, you will be unable to export to other platforms. Weebly and other website builders with a long history enable you to bring over pages you previously built while giving you the ability to export to a platform conducive to larger businesses and their many functions.

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Very Few Disadvantages

As mentioned above, the free website builder doesn’t have some of the features you would need on a busy eCommerce site. However, that really isn’t a disadvantage when you can simply upgrade your subscription to get an additional array of features and elements. Also, website builders, also as mentioned above, are not best suited for large companies that require a tremendous number of features. Free or low-cost website builders can give you beautiful esthetics, but detailed customization may be a bit tricky or beyond what the platform is designed to do.

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It’s All in a Name

Whoever said that names are not important were badly mistaken when it comes to something as important as a website builder. There definitely is something in the name and website builders with a long history are here to show you exactly what that is. If you are going to choose a website builder, at least find one that has a good reputation and millions of users who will testify to that. All in all, a free website builder is an amazing tool for an individual or for a small business not seeking to carry on a huge amount of commerce. Since the only thing you will probably be asked to pay is hosting, then that’s a small price indeed for something with all the amazing features you will find at your disposal.


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