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The top gadgets sports fans are craving right now



Over the past few years, sports enthusiasts have wanted to remove the moniker of being “armchair fans”, and instead, they want to be seen as being more mobile and fitness conscious.

Every day, new gadgets are being brought to the market, and in many ways, they have been game changers. They have changed our perceptions about how and when we should exercise, and there has been a serious focus on personal performance.

It’s all about seeking competitive gains, and with technology evolving and advancing so much in recent times, demand for the latest fitness accessories and gadgets has soared.

Apple, for example, has been at the forefront of this technological wave, and there is now a gadget on the market to suit every person and budget size.

So, the Apple Watch Series 7, which costs £369, is a top-of-the-range fitness watch. It boasts a screen that is 20% larger and it offers faster charging, which is what Apple is renowned for when it comes to their mobile devices. There are some brilliant health tracking features for those that like to crunch the numbers, including the Blood Oxygen app and the ECG app.

In many ways, Apple has tried to move the needle on the gadget front, and another thing that makes it stand apart from its competitors, is that the Series 7 watch is more durable. It is crack-resistant, and it is also waterproof. This watch also comes in various straps, so you can pick your colour.

But time pieces or watches aren’t the only types of gadgets that will appeal to sports fans. Indeed, one of the most cherished gadgets that sports fans have jumped on recently, is the Peloton bike. There has been a constant stream of adverts on TV highlighting the benefits of the peloton bike that can be done in the comfort of your living room at home.

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There are some neat touches, such as the “Auto Follow” resistance system which is based on performance targets, and you can make adjustments to follow the commands of your peloton instructor. The peloton can sync up with your Apple Watch, so you can keep all your fitness stats in one place. This device will get you moving, but you will have to fork out £2,295 should you wish to house it.

Away from that, one intriguing gadget that may capture the imaginations of sports fans, is the Lumen. It may at first glance bear a resemblance to a stylish vape pen, but don’t be fooled, this is a handy device. Indeed, you just have to breathe into it, hold your breath for 10 seconds, and it is calibrated to specific CO2 ranges and lung capacity. Essentially, it measures your metabolism.

Alternatively, you may like to run with the latest earbuds. The JBL reflect mini NCs, for example, take two hours to charge, weigh just over 13 grams, and they have a battery life of six hours. Providing a good mix of bass and sound separations, these handy earphones will ensure you’re not constantly adjusting them while exercising, and they are sweat and rainproof.

What we have seen over time, is that the gadgets craved the most by sports fans have started to take off and become embedded in VR. There are many cutting edge headsets, where gamers can enjoy the most immersive experience playing the sports of their choice from the comfort of their home. This is evident with the most popular VR cricket games, such as iB Cricket where you can step into the most spectacular stadiums, and play the game in explosive short over formats. But it’s not just VR gaming that cricket fans have embraced. Generally speaking, cricket matches are being consumed in new ways nowadays, with the increasing popularity of apps such as Cricbuzz, ESPNcricinfo, as well as bet365, which is considered to be the best cricket betting app in India.

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The gadgets we have discussed above certainly have their place, and in many respects, they have been game changers. They have addressed the needs and concerns of sports fans, and they have to a certain extent, enhanced life quality.

While we have become more reliant on the latest gadgets, as long as the demand is there, then they will continue to have a big impact.

What we have seen is that the best gadgets on the market will make sports fans feel good, and with more cutting edge products hitting the market, sports fans will be spoiled for choice.


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