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Tik Tok Latest News: How it’s affecting Youth and teen negatively



Tik Tok is one of the most trending short video making Chinese app that is very popular among kids and teenagers. In other words, kids young and adults are spending most of their useful time on Tik Tok. However, it is a good app for creativity and entertainment, if it is used for free time only. In point of view of kids and teenagers, TikTok is a forum of getting name and fame. If your kids spend a maximum of their time on TikTok then you should be attentive to some negative effects of Tik Tok that distract the mind of most utmost adults, kids, and youths as well. As you know that the addiction of any social media apps like TikTok can be harmful to your kids as the way they are using.

The negative effect of TikTok on teens and youths

The negative effect of TikTok on teens and youth

How TikTok became an addiction for teens and youngsters?

Nowadays, TikTok is the most engaging apps and a large number of people are using it for making various types of videos, even that TikTok became an addiction for teens and youngsters. They are wasting their time composing videos and keep themselves so much busy on TikTok. They do not take part in any social activity and not utilize their time to learn something like study, yoga, exercise, and avoid family and friends. Apart from these teens keep their eyes on it all night and making videos and chatting with strangers. They do not take proper sleep that is very harmful to their health. Thus, Tik Tok is an app for entertainment not for distracting your mind so use it only for making fun.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a very successful social media app is designed by the Bytedance and presented in 2017. It is used for making lip-syncing videos of 15 seconds. By using this app you can create videos like dancing, singing, stunt, and funny. TikTok gives an option to choose the background music, and by using this option you can merge your video according to the background music. Tik Tok is developed for IOS and Andriod users as well. Tik Tok has many good features but some time ago it was banned in Madras because of some negative effects on the young generation. If your kids like TikTok and spend their time on TikTok then you should aware of the parental guide of TikTok.

Parental guide of TikTok

Furthermore, if your child is using TikTok then you should know about the parental guide. When you sign in for Tik Tok then by default their profile remains ‘Public’ means anyone can watch your video there is no privacy. Besides the dance, music, there are available so many themes that are not suitable for your kids under 16. If your kid is utilizing these themes something would happen with your kids, so keep your eye on if your children using TikTok.You should follow and aware of these things about your kid.

  • Firstly, to be a friend of your kid
  • Aware to your kid about cybercrime and advise them to stay away from strangers.
  • Spend your time with your kids keep notice of their behavior.
  • Create your account on Tik Tok and follow your kid.
  • Check regularly what kind of videos he/she is visiting and uploading.
  • To Understand your kids not to post negative content that becomes the reason for violence.
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 How TikTok is affecting Teens?

As you know that TikTok has both negative and positive sides, some young and kids are using TikTok in the wrong way that leaves some negative effects on their minds. Therefore, here we discuss the negative impact on youths and kids as well.

  • TikTok affecting teenagers a lot and the result is that they are becoming very possessive of enhancing their looks.
  • They choose the unsuitable theme and access TikTok to watch just for watching girls’ videos that inspire them to get into a relationship.
  • Most of the users think that TikTok is a way of getting popularity to viral any type of content. For getting fame they share videos on Tik Tok to become famous as soon as possible, if they don’t get enough views, they feel depressed, Like these apps can disturb their mind as well.
  • Another thing is that sometimes aggressive stunt becomes viral on TikTok. Children follow this type of content and try to apply on themselves, In such a way, they can harm themselves.
  • Due to this app, the cases of crime and death are increasing day by day.
  • Because of TikTok, teenagers are becoming stay away from their family and friends and they spend most of their time with online friends.
  • TikTok is a time-consuming app, it arises an addiction in the youth’s mind and they cannot utilize their time to learn new things.
  • kids do not concentrate on their studies due to such apps.
  • If your children under the age of 13 there is an option on TikTok only for kids where they can upload and download the appropriate video, so ensure that which date of birth have filled on TikTok by your children because they enter the false birth date then they can easily watch adult content that is not suitable for them.
  • Another adverse effect on kids is that their happiness is depended on the viewers and they start to compare themselves to others and if someone gets more views than them, they feel sad and lose their patience.
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Final words

TikTok has both good and bad effects it entirely depends on the user, If it is used for entertainment and making fun that is the best app for you. If it is used for watching adult content that is not appropriate for teens, that can leave a negative impact on boys and girls’ minds as well. So this app is used under the guidance of parents then it is safe for teens and kids as well.

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