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Tips for playing Sudoku Daily Like a Pro



There are lots of different ways to solve a Sudoku puzzle. Some are easier than others, some are quicker than others, and still, there are those that require more thought than others. This page describes a simple method that anyone can use to solve any Sudoku, regardless of the level of difficulty.

Play Daily Sudoku Online

Playing Sudoku Daily is easy. To start, select a difficulty. Start with the easy level if you’re new to this puzzle game. When you click on a box, you can either type in the number or use your keyboard arrows to move through the numbers and then hit enter to place it in the cell. Once you’ve filled the cell, it locks into place.

Sudoku aims at filling all the empty cells on the board with the correct numbers. There are 3×3 subgrids (called regions), and each row or column must contain all of the digits from 1 to 9. The number can’t appear more than once in any row, column, or region.

When you play Daily Sudoku online, sometimes there are extra hints that can help you figure out which number goes where. In some cases, there’s an arrow that shows you which way the digits should go 1-9 or 9-1 (left-to-right or right-to-left). Sometimes there could be an exclamation mark that alerts you to an error in one of your cells.

Once you’re done solving the puzzle, press “Finish” and see how many points you got.

What to Do

1. Start by scanning the entire puzzle for any numbers that are already filled in. This will give you an idea of what numbers are available to fill in the squares surrounding those numbers.

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2. Look at a row of nine squares, and see if you can find the location of a missing number. First, look within a 3×3 section of the row – if it’s not there, look in the remaining six squares.

3. Repeat step 2 for each column within the puzzle.

4. Now, take a look at each 3×3 section on the board, looking at each row within that section to see if you can find the location of any missing numbers. If you cannot find any, then move on to another 3×3 section on the board.

Playing Tips to Note

If you play Sudoku constantly, you’ll find it relaxing, and the puzzles are just the right level of challenge for you. But you do need to keep yourself sharp. Here are some tips that have helped me over the years:

Beware of double blanks – If there are two blank squares in a row/column/box, they can’t both be filled with the same number. This is true even if you’ve already filled in one of them.

Don’t discount the process of elimination – You can solve a puzzle by looking for 3-in-a-row patterns, but it’s easier to start with what you know is bad and work backward from that instead.

Always check your work – If you are really bad at counting, and sometimes you’ll think an entire row or column only has 8 1’s when there are actually 9 (this usually happens because there is a 1 in one of the squares you may have thought was blank).

Different Levels of Playing Sudoku

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There are many levels of playing Sudoku, the most basic being filling in the blanks. The next level is recognizing patterns that determine which numbers can go where. These skills are easily learned and mastered by just about anyone who plays enough Sudoku.

The more advanced levels involve thinking several steps ahead and seeing what numbers would be possible even if certain squares weren’t filled in yet. An advanced player might also learn more advanced techniques, such as how to look for “invisible” rows and columns to help determine where squares could possibly be filled in.

The highest level involves the ability to visualise patterns created from a few filled-in numbers on a partially completed grid. This isn’t something that a novice player can do, but it’s an important skill for an expert player to develop. A master player can sometimes immediately see where a particular number will fit on an almost-completed grid simply by looking at the shape of the surrounding numbers.

What Not to Do While Playing Daily Sudoku

Here are some tips on what NOT to do while playing Sudoku:

  1. Don’t just start putting numbers in boxes randomly. Start by using your clues to fill in as many boxes as possible with certainty. Then use some logic and deduction to fill in more boxes. If you aren’t certain about a box, don’t put anything there yet.
  2. Don’t spend too much time on any one box. Move on if you feel like you’ve been staring at the same box for more than 30 seconds. Getting stuck in one position for hours without making any progress isn’t recommendable. However, highly experienced gamers can solve the puzzle within 20 minutes or less. If you are a beginner, you’ll get better with your experience with time.
  3. Don’t start solving the grid from the very beginning. This is a wrong approach, and one should never do this. As per experts, it is advisable to always start with a particular row or column instead of starting from the entire grid.
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Want to Start Playing Sudoku Daily?

There is a level of playing Sudoku that may be best described as ‘athletic’. It requires speed, efficiency and power. It’s a matter of maximising your potential on every single puzzle and wringing every last drop of performance out of your mind.

If you want to play at this level, we strongly recommend starting with the simplest puzzles you can find. You will be surprised how much this simple approach will improve your solving power.

Key Takeaway

Daily Sudoku will challenge you with a new game every day. The app contains beginner, intermediate and expert levels and quick games, allowing you to solve puzzles at your leisure. After each game, you can review your answers and performance. You can also print out puzzles for those moments when there’s no WiFi available or just for fun.

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