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Top 10 Educational Computer Games for Kids



Educational Computer Games for Kids

Handheld devices and computers are probably the worst nightmares parents have these days. Children spend a massive proportion of their free time in front of screens, wasting it on useless gameplay in most cases. Or worse, they make a loud racket when you don’t let them watch Netflix for hours.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost for busy parents and super-active kids. Did you know that playing some virtual games can be educational for your little ones? The Internet provides problem-solving tasks, quizzes, and word riddles that teach your kids valuable life lessons.

This kind of entertainment is better known as “edutainment.” Kids have immense fun while improving their critical thinking, language, logic, mathematics, and science knowledge. Moreover, most educational games stimulate creativity and innovation.

Below, we list the top 10 educational video games that educate kids without them noticing. In addition, they manage to develop collaborative and social skills while interacting with friends.


Brainiversity is a brain training gameplay that stimulates your kids’ gray mass. The app offers 16 mental exercises in mathematics, language, analysis, and memory. These activities are supplementary to your child’s elementary education but in an amusing way.

Users can record their achievements and create online charts that display progress. Thus, Brainversity is one of the best video games for teens in this digital era that engages all brain segments. The game also has a host mascot named Edison, who cheers contestants on and shares interesting facts.

Math Blaster Series

Math Blaster is a set of video games focused on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Blasternaut and his dog Spot guide kids into a virtual world and help them to foster mathematical knowledge.

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The gameplay is suitable for all ages, from preschool to grade six, and covers algebra and geometry topics. The missions are exciting, which makes the experience of teaching complex concepts more enjoyable. Overall, this futuristic adventure is the perfect mix of education and play.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Do you think your child types slowly and inaccurately? Download Epistory – Typing Chronicles and resolve your worries. This unique game will teach your little ones to type properly on the keyboard and improve their word-per-minute scores. The environment is a beautiful origami world in which a young writer goes on quests on a giant fox.

Besides working on their typing and story-telling abilities, users also combat. As battles intensify, they must accelerate typing the words that appear above the enemy’s head. Changing strategies is also possible by entering commands in ten different languages.


If you want your child to become well-versed in patterns, data analysis, logic, and problem-solving, consider downloading Zoombinis. This classic award-winning game works on PC, iOS, and Android.

To win, the child must save the little blue creatures from the evil Bloats’ imprisonment and guide them home. Twelve perilous puzzles with four levels of progressing difficulty urge kids to use logic, identify patterns, and solve problems to get to safety.

Kerbal Space Program

Take your kids on a journey in the solar system by letting them play the famous Kerbal Space Program. By doing so, they will learn math and aerospace engineering. The flight simulation game features a space program that asks you to build a rocket based on aerodynamic and orbital physics. When your Kerbal is ready, you can explore moons and planets and construct space stations and bases.

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Kerbal Space is available for console and PC and has three modes: Science, Career, and Sandbox. The aim of the alien races is to conquer new space. Besides building your spacecraft, you need to hire, train, and manage your crewmembers.

Minecraft: Education Edition

The educational version of this all-time favorite adventure is one of the best learning games for kids. Set in the Minecraft universe, the game urges players to collaborate on different STEM projects and explore diverse virtual regions. Educators can also use Minecraft to help students foster mathematics, history, arts, and coding.

Over 600 lessons engage students in the curriculum of various subjects. The pack also includes collaborative tools to encourage reading and translating. The Education Edition is available on Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Chromebook, and Android devices.

Gizmos & Gadgets

Gizmos and Gadgets is a great educational game developed in 1993. What makes it unique is the rivalry between two excellent scientists who compete in racing, platforming, and a physics-based puzzle. The ultimate goal is to defeat the evil Morty Maxwell by winning 15 different races.

The player is the Super Solver, who builds vehicles based on physics and practical engineering concepts like electronics, simple machines, magnets, and energy forms. The ideal kid’s age to enjoy this immersive adventure is between 7 and 12.

Endless Ocean

Do you want your little ones to get familiar with marine biology? If yes, this scuba diving video game is ideal since it offers limitless ways to explore the ocean. The final quest entails finding the White Mother whale.

Users encounter various sea life, with all species accurately named and categorized. As they interact with the animals, players learn everything about rare creatures. They can also own a large aquarium populated with identified species.

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This game will help teenagers understand more advanced concepts like political parties, taxes, elections, funding, policies, budgets, and debts. Moreover, they must compromise, resolve conflicts, and develop strategies.

The government simulation gameplay appoints you to be the president or prime minister. As in real life, the purpose of your decisions is to affect voter happiness, reduce crime rates, and improve air quality. Dealing with homelessness and protests are other challenges you need to face.

Big Brain Academy

The game revolves around the concept of measuring your brain mass. You must answer a set of questions and solve problems like shape matching, image identification, and color coordination to increase your score.

Final Thoughts

The number of PC games for kids nowadays is endless. However, finding the right pick for your little ones can be challenging. Hence, when looking for more meaningful and immersive gameplay, check our suggestions and get your kids’ favorite. You won’t be disappointed!

About the Author

This article was written by Victor Halen, an education specialist, and writer at Halen has a Master’s degree in psychology and has been researching the influence of authentic educational gameplay materials on the child’s emotional and cognitive development. He is also the author of a workshop that specializes in training teachers who work in elementary schools.

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