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Top 10 Graphic Design Trends



Top 10 Graphic Design Trends

Every year new sets of design trends emerge. Some are fresh, some are mash-up of different styles. Trends are like the ‘latest fad’ in the design world and not necessarily rules. Good thing is that you can tweak these trends to your taste, and design something even more majestic. But yes, incorporating them in your designs is a great way to stay relevant. This blog explores design trends like modern retro touch, candy colors, anti-design, and more!

From designing stunning and effective landing pages to beautiful apps, get inspired by these trends.

#1. Hyper-realistic graphics in motion

Motion graphics and animation have become all the rage since 2021.

In a world where attention spans are getting shorter, it will take more than just static images to grab people’s attention.

Motion adds an element of depth and dynamism to a story. This design trend is not limited to digital platforms, packaging designs too have been influenced by motion graphics.

#2. Playful and Quirky Typography

Rebekah Rhoden

Letter styles are an excellent way to convey a mood. There are no limitations to what letterforms designers can create. And it’s great to see more and more people widening the scope of typography, rather than sticking to old guidelines. Playful abstracts, flowing shapes, exciting contrasts, and mismatched letter styles look stunning.

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#3. Escapism


Due to the pandemic, most of us stayed indoors, and the connection with the outside world somehow felt broken.

Escapism in design has been a breath of fresh air during such times. These designs are inspired by nature and explore the surreality of the world around us. Moreover, they can be used in websites, packaging designs, illustrations, and even apps.

#4. Modern Retro Touch

Design Shack

Just like the ’80s and ’90s clothes and hairstyles are coming back, so are designs, but with a modern twist. This design trend takes inspiration from patterns that were popular during those times.

In other words, one can say the nerdy and geeky designs are in.

The good part about the whole modern-retro touch is that it induces a sense of nostalgia, and the viewer feels connected with the design on a much deeper level.

#5. Candy Colours for the win

Abinash Mohanty: Dribbble

There has been an epic shift in color trends in 2022. To convey optimism, designers are going with lively candy-colored schemes. These hues feel bold, warm, playful, youthful, and fuzzy, all the same time. And even work really well with characters or 3D designs.

#6. 2D and 3D Mashup

The 2D and 3D mashup isn’t particularly new, but it has been topping the trending charts for quite some time and continues to be so. This design trend allows designers plenty of room to be creative, and experiment. We can expect to see more hyper-realistic 3D designs that blur the lines between physical and digital elements or are mashed with quirky 2D elements.

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#7. Japanese inspired Ukiyo-e style design


The thing with design trends is that they don’t exist in a vacuum. They evolve through inspiration that artists take from other forms of art and design. Like the Ukiyo-e, an art movement that originated in the 17th century in Japan and inspired the contemporary western design world. Ukiyo-e is a Japanese word for “pictures of floating worlds” and this trend was originally used in woodblock printing. These designs are minimal, created with simple line work, and finally finished with bold colors.

#8. Breaking the rules with Anti-design


Rules are meant to be broken, and that’s exactly what anti-design stands for.

Usually, designs are created with an end goal in mind, which often misses the point of being expressive and elaborate. However, anti-deisgn is redefining the rules of graphic design. It’s an act of rebellion.

The caveat is that you need the confidence and the right skills to pull off an anti-design. Before you break the rules, you must know about them.

#9 Goodbye minimalism. Maximalism is here.


Just like a minimalist design takes every pixel into consideration, maximalism is the opposite. It’s more about spontaneity.

In an interview given to Vogue, interior designer Keren Richter said that “Maximalism is the art of more-is-more; layered patterning, highly saturated colors, ample accessories and art (likely hung “salon-style”), and a real sense of playfulness and bold gestures,”

While her statement is inclined toward interior design, however in graphic design too, that’s how maximalism works.

#10. Inclusive Design


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It’s good to see that companies are creating designs that are inclusive. Showcasing diversity in designs is more of a necessity now that we are in 2022. From icons to contrasts, every element of design should take accessibility into consideration. For example, Venngage makes use of designs that are accessible to everyone.


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