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Top 10 Most Common Features of WhatsApp and Signal.



common features of WhatsApp and Signal

Messaging app Signal has been downloaded by millions of users in India after WhatsApp updated its privacy policy which allowed the Facebook company to access its data.

Key Points:

  • Signal has recorded a 79% jump in downloads in just a week.
  • People are moving towards Signal due to its controversial privacy update.
  • This app is providing many similar features of WhatsApp like Video calling, end to end encryption, etc.

After WhatsApp made its new privacy policy mandatory for the users. The users in India are trying to find the alternative of cross messaging App- Signal.

Users are moving on to rival services like Signal and Telegram. It has emerged as the top app on Apple App Store, followed by Telegram. According to Sensor Tower data, downloads of Signal have jumped 79% in India between January 1-6 2021 compared to December 26-31, 2020.

The signal is a cross-platform messaging app just like Facebook-owned WhatsApp or Telegram. You must have heard a lot about the app in the news lately. It has become the top downloaded app on both the Google Play store as well as Apple App Store.

Ever wonder how many similar features of WhatsApp is providing this rival app? Don’t worry here you will get a list of all similar features.

10 Top Similar features of Signal

  1. End-to-end encryption: Like WhatsApp, all messages exchanged on Signal are end-to-end encrypted. This means all messages exchanged with your friends will be visible only to you and your friend and to no one else.
  2. Lock chats: Users can lock their chats with fingerprint, TouchID, or FaceID: Like WhatsApp, Signal also offers its user’s authentication support to keep their chats private. It supports all kinds of lock features including pin, fingerprint, TouchID, or FaceID.

  3. Linked device: Like WhatsApp, Signal allows users to use the Signal app on your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other device, all at the same time.
  4. Group support: Users can create groups. These groups also come with administrative controls such as approval for members joining, who can edit group info, and more.

  5. Group video calls: Signal also offers video group calls on mobile as well as on desktop. However, there’s no group voice call option available.
  6. Media sharing: Signal allows users to share media and documents with other users. It can be used to share media files including audio, GIFs, video, and more.

  7. Read receipts: Like WhatsApp, there’s an option for a read receipt. This feature can be enabled or disable whenever required.
  8. Audio messages: Much like WhatsApp, Signal allows users to send audio messages.

  9. Broadcast Media: Signal allows users to send media to multiple contacts at the same time in separate chats through broadcasting.

  10. Forward messages: Just like WhatsApp, users can also forward messages/media on Signal.

People are moving towards the Signal app in large numbers. The reason behind this is that. people are not happy with WhatsApp’s new privacy update. Besides this, Signal also has many features that are not available in WhatsApp, like “note to self feature”.

The signal app also allows users to relay their voice calls to app servers to conceal their identity from their contacts.

Signal also collects much fewer user data compared to WhatsApp. When WhatsApp collects a huge pile of data including device ID, user ID, phone number, email address, contacts, advertising data, and payment information, Signal only collects users’ phone numbers.

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