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Top 3 HR software for talent management and their specifics



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Talent management is one of the core functionalities of an HR Manager. It is important for business growth while driving ample revenue. Management of talent goes much beyond hiring new talent for the company as a part of the HR talent management software solution.

It is concerned with streamlining activities of the HR department towards ensuring that multiple activities are sorted. Organizations can look forward to retaining the best talent within the organization. The talent management spectrum is a part of Human Resources solutions. It will start by hiring new talent for the organization.

Still, it also features important performance indicators like employee management, training & development, and employee retention. All these core functionalities are a part of talent management applications. HR software organizations offer in-depth technical know-how to the respective HR professionals or managers with the help of the right technology. It helps in successfully implementing different functions of talent management within an organization. It is an integral part of the entire HR tools suite.

What is a Talent Management System?

The core management of talent within an organization lies on four core pillars of HR functionalities –compensation management, recruitment, performance management, and learning & development. A dedicated talent management system aims at promoting higher performance along with low attrition and motivation amongst employees.

A talent management software solution aims at streamlining the entire work across the core pillars of talent management –recruitment, compensation management, learning & development, and performance management. The best talent management software will deliver solutions for complicated issues like hiring, succession management, and the identification of top performers.

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Importance of Talent Management in HR

Talent management plays a crucial role in the overall growth of the company. The HR manager is responsible for driving the benefits of talent management for the entire organization. Due to this, it is important to make sure that talent management pillars are delivered with ample attention. This allows businesses to hire better while retaining, managing, and developing employees within the organization. It is also committed to identifying the top employees across various functionalities as they help in driving business growth for the entire organization.

Top Features of the Best Talent Management Software

  • User interface: it should be clean and appealing
  • Usability; The feature should be user-friendly and not too complicated while being easy to understand
  • Support: The solution provider should deliver a responsive support system backed by relevant training and tutorials
  • Automation: The system should ensure the automation of the CVs while filtering them through different mechanisms
  • Storage: The solution should ensure that the users are able to upload, search, and track multiple documents needed for hiring along with handling employee database
  • Feedback; The system should deliver proper feedback on different candidates to other team members throughout the entire hiring process.
  • Employee induction: The system should be capable of providing onboarding support to the new employees –like offering them essential documents, policies, and so more about the entire organization
  • Integrations: In a world that runs on technology, the right talent management solutions should ensure integrations with other innovative tools for making the overall work seamless.

Best HR Talent Management Software


It is regarded as the best-available HR planning software in the industry. It has its origins from the house of Talentsoft. Hellotalnt offers access to a wide range of features like email, social media data, aggregation, CV parsing, job opportunities and their promotion, and collaboration through comments and mentions.

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Some of the core features of the solution come under the free plan. These include advanced features like delivery of one document per candidate, mobile app access, ratings, and tags. One can look forward to improving the email system and adding more features. The free plan is also available with a number of more features as well as scalable recruitment tools. It also helps in adding LinkedIn profiles to the respective database with great ease.

Pricing of the software plan commences at $63.50 on a monthly basis. There is also the provision of a freemium version of the software that is available.


It is utilized by a number of leading companies like VICE, Starbucks, and Toyota. It is one of the best mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The solution is designed for automating hiring tasks and attracting the best available talent.

The features that are offered by the software solution include posting around 10 free global job boards. There is the possibility of advanced CSS along with profitable media options for the existing career site that can be customized. The open API framework enables the users to ensure the integration of the solution with the CMS or current portal.

The presence of seamless integrations helps in making the app function well. It also comes forth with a Chrome extension that is dedicatedly focused on talent sourcing. With Recruitee, its users get access to more than 1250 free as well as paid job boards. There is also the presence of a user-friendly candidate pipeline.

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Pricing for the software solution starts at around $79 per month. It comes with an 18-day free trial along with a free demo of the software solution.

SAP SuccessFactors

It is regarded as the best-available enterprise talent management system out there. SAP came up with an enterprise-centric resource planning system while also moving to talent management solutions as well. The solution is available with impressive features for ensuring seamless talent management as well as talent sourcing across the globe. SAP comes forth with a suite of tools offering integrations across the solution.

Some of the features including identity management systems, document authoring, and document management can be easily integrated with the talent solutions. One can also improve additional features like the availability of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for sourcing candidates and increasing personalized rating systems and functionalities.



The list of the best HR talent management software solutions has essential features working seamlessly for every talent management system out there. Based on your business requirements, you can select the right one.

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