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Top 5 Advantages of Using Instagram for Business Marketing



Businesses that are looking to succeed in today’s marketplace have to be willing to adapt. Social media is becoming more and more popular as a business marketing tool that helps certain businesses reach out and connect with their customers.

As things stand, Instagram has become a marketing powerhouse. It has over one billion users and is ranked one of the most popular social media networks in the world. More importantly, it’s a place that the younger generation uses to draw inspiration and explore. That’s why you’ll need plenty of different ways to pique their interest so they can become potential customers.

With all those praises regarding Instagram, you might be wondering how your business can benefit from it. Read on to learn a few benefits of using Instagram to market your business.

You will know what’s trending

Staying informed is key to staying ahead in the digital age. You will know when to start a conversation in the comments section and when you should post a Story or Reel to increase engagement rates. It can also help you better understand when to stop posting about your products and focus on providing value for your followers by engaging with them on a non-professional level.

The best way to stay engaged with your Instagram followers is to find a social cause and help fight for it. Your audience will witness a different side of your business and realize that you are not just about making large turnovers.

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You will engage with your customers better

Knowing how your customers behave and react to your content will help you create a better marketing strategy. Some might prefer visual content while others will prefer written. Instead of catering to a certain group of audience, try to strike a perfect balance and create content that will appeal to everyone.

It’s widely known that engagement drives growth, but did you know that your content can increase your engagement rate? To achieve better engagement rates via content, you will have to utilize some of Instagram’s new features, such as Reels and Stories. With the Reel feature you will have a higher chance of landing on the Instagram explore page while with Stories, you can ask a thought-provoking question and start a whole discussion on a creatin topic.

Keep in mind that a good engagement rate for social media is anywhere between 1% to 5%.

Build product anticipation

If you have a product that is ready to go, Instagram Stories will allow you to post teasers about what’s next in line. Besides teasers, you can post behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of your product and service creation process. This type of content will bring your customers closer to your brand, further solidifying your customer and business relationship.

That being said, try to create content you want to watch. If you are out of ideas, it’s never wrong to take a look at what the competition is doing, but be careful not to rip their concept fully as that can lead to legal problems.

Drive more traffic to your website

Instagram is primarily used in business to communicate with customers and promote products, but it can also have some other uses. Instagram can help you drive more traffic to your website, and all you have to do to achieve that is to insert a link leading to your website in your Instagram bio.

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You can also include a link that leads to your other social media channels to boost their traffic as well.

Set up a store

Probably the biggest benefit of using Instagram is that you can set up an online store that will allow you to cut down on some brick-and-mortar store maintenance costs. Of course, at the start, you should not completely shut down your shops, but taking it slowly and establishing a successful online shop is the way of the future.

To start your online Instagram shop journey, make sure to switch your profile to a business account in Instagram’s settings. The review will last a couple of days depending on your application and if everything is in order, you can begin selling immediately.

Final thoughts

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses have to keep up with the current digital trends and adapt. Social media has become the leader of all marketing campaigns that marketers create.

If you are looking to create a strategy of your own to promote your products and grow your business, take a look at some of the tips we shared in this post and consider implementing them.

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