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Top 7 Games for Powerful Computers



Developers of modern games have reached incredible heights in technology. Today you can see the most realistic games. Meanwhile, game developers are not forgetting other details, such as weather, deforming surfaces and so on. They are suitable for powerful PCs that will be able to unlock their full potential. We have collected the best games with good graphics and great gameplay.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The former exclusive recently migrated to desktop PC, but has already managed to win the hearts of RPG fans. The unusual setting and the combination of futurism and Nordic style made the game unusual and distinctive. At the center, there is Eloi, who is banished from her own tribe because her mother was unknown to them. She is given the opportunity to become Nora through adversity, but just as she is about to achieve what she wants, the tribe is attacked by a hostile clan. The elders initiate the girl into Nora and allow her to go in search of those responsible.

Eloi will not only be able to take revenge and prevent the disaster but also find answers to questions about her origins. Players have access to a large and seamless world with many mysteries and dangers. The map is divided into separate territories, which have their own climate and are inhabited by certain types of machines.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is a beautiful racing game for powerful PCs, which will especially please users who enjoy playing at the best betting site with fair withdrawal but want to try this sport yourself. You can travel around the UK in different cars. There are single-player races, but the gameplay is focused on the interaction of players in multiplayer. You can arrange “duels”, competitions and other heated races. Another important innovation is the change of seasons. Winter can come at any time in the game, and it will affect the gameplay. Players have a choice of more than 450 different car brands that can be upgraded in a garage to your liking. And in Forza Horizon 4, the graphics are incredibly beautiful.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

No one has ever created westerns with such a striking realism. The game tells the story of the times of the Gold Rush and one of the free-lance cowboys, Arthur Morgan. He and his band of comrades have escaped from Blackwater, where they are wanted for a series of crimes. Now they’re looking for something to do in a new place, and they’re running a robbery business. And how can you do without the romance of train robbery. The large and open world is full of unpredictable events and incredibly beautiful scenery.

Minecraft RTX

A new take on a familiar game allows a different take on the cubic world beloved by millions of players. Minecraft is a sandbox with a procedurally generated world that is full of different biomes. They are divided territorially and have climatic features. Players here can cooperate or try to survive alone. To do this, you need to mine resources and keep track of vital signs. You can build your own house, which can look as you like.

Occasionally others present can pry into your treasures, so some players mark their territory as private. Many players create such masterpieces that may turn out to be parodies or copies of a known item. And the new graphics settings will allow you to enjoy a cubic reality full of zombies and other unpleasant monsters.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

This game tells us about the events that took place during the war between the Vikings and the English. The Norwegians decided to conquer the lands of modern Britain because of its value, because their soil is rather difficult to cultivate, and there is almost no place to raid. The main character here is Eivor, a Viking of the Crow Clan. Protagonist helps his yarl in the conquest and destruction of local lands. Players will see the history of an alternate past, as well as participate in the events of reality, where the main character remains Leila Hasan. The map is divided into the territories of England and Norway. Periodically, you’ll have to travel back and forth, as well as explore mysterious buildings and spend your leisure time playing mini-games.

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Final Fantasy XV (Windows Edition)

Final Fantasy 15 is the fifteenth part of the popular series, which differs significantly from its predecessors. It is similar to the usual RPG gamers with a real-time combat system. The gamer has to take the role of a hero, who along with his friends travels and fights with monsters. The game has a lot of advantages, but we want to focus on the incredibly dynamic combat system. The combat is really spectacular because of the mobility of your heroes and their abilities. You can fight with edged weapons and magic. The heroes work in a team and often make common attacks that make the gaming process more epic.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The player assumes the role of the blacksmith’s son Henry, whose village was burned down. As the only survivor, the hero embarks on a journey to avenge the killers of his family and find himself. Who Henry ends up being is up to the player. There is maximum freedom of action – you can travel through a large open world with castles, dense forests and endless fields. There are quests in the game, but it is not necessary to perform them. And even if you have taken up the task, you can show your imagination and pass it in any way you want. The world of the game is harsh. You will constantly face difficulties – the opponents are strong, and your hero can be killed by a single blow.


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