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Top Tips and Ideas for Self Evaluation Essays



Ideas for Self Evaluation Essays

As a student, especially a college student, at one point in your education you will need to write a self evaluation essay. When assigned this type of task, the pressure can be a bit much because you have to prepare a work of your past accomplishments and wins.

Writing a self evaluation is difficult, especially if you are not good at (or fond of ) writing. Because not only do you write about your accomplishment, you also have to show how you intend to keep growing as some other critical self-assessing information. Using sources like can be useful for you if you are not a big fan of writing and need some guidelines and examples to follow. Those online sources are informative and usually are free to access.


Although most university students will rather pay writing services to work on their self evaluation essays for them, it is helpful to know how to work on an essay yourself. If you want to learn how to write a self evaluation essay without having to take an online course, here are some tips that can help you get on track:

Know What the Evaluation Will Be Used For

Before you start writing a self evaluation essay, you should know how it will be used. This will let you know how in-depth you should go with your writing and the type of information that the essay should contain. Having knowledge of what the evaluation essay will be used for is what ultimately affects the way and structure you write the review.

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Outline Your Thesis

Once you have thought about what you would like your evaluation essay to contain, the next thing is to draft up an outline. This outline will greatly help you during the writing process. It also serves as the introduction of the thesis that will give readers clues of what the essay contains.

Describe Your Previous Project Performances and Accomplishments

This is a critical process when writing a self-assessment essay because here you have to think about everything you have accomplished and your major achievements over the past year.

If you have gotten to the stage where you need to write a self evaluation essay, it is believed that you must have achieved something in the past. The first thing the reader of your evaluation wants to see is the ways you had made a positive impact in the previous projects you’ve been involved in.

You should give light details about the projects; what the project was for and who? Who was part of the project work? What was your personal contribution to the project? What was the deadline?

Describe Your Weaknesses

Your self evaluation should not just be about blowing your own trumpet and talking about your wins, you should talk about your challenges and weaknesses too. Here, you truthfully assess your abilities and point out areas that you can stand to improve. Don’t beat yourself up when writing about your shortcomings instead, frame them as growth opportunities. For example, instead of writing, “I am not so good at…,” write, “Here is an area I would love to improve and focus on…”

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Prioritize Your Accomplishments

Yes, you are expected to state your accomplishments in your essay but don’t create a long, unnecessary list. Focus on the important accomplishments that will be necessary to the main reader of your assessment.

For example, when writing an assessment for your employee in a firm, you can include how your social media management skills helped a certain company increase sales and leads. But, you can’t include your accomplishments on the basketball court during your high school days.

Use Metrics and Analytics to Back Up Your Performances

Numbers are pretty powerful when writing self assessment essays because they help present a definite connection between performance and results.

Metrics are quite useful in giving evidence that supports your achievements.

Data is very important and in at least one college class, you must have been told this.

Clearly Describe Your Goals

You don’t just write an evaluation without having a goal, it will make you come off as unserious and unambitious. Besides, it is somewhat weird talking about past accomplishments and not having any future goals you would love to accomplish.

When describing your goals, do so in detail and try to align them to that of the organization you are writing for. Also, talk about the ways you intend to use your personal experiences and qualities to achieve the set goals.

Be Typographically Accurate

Just like you wouldn’t want to see typos in a book you are reading, you must try as much as possible to be careful of errors when writing your evaluation essay.

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A self evaluation essay is the last place a typo should be so before you turn it in, cross all Ts and dot all Is. Check that you are using the proper punctuations and phrases.


When writing a self evaluation, if you can inculcate the above-listed tips, you will be amazed by how much your writing skills will be improved. You can do more research to better yourself or just pay professionals to help you.


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