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Twitter Is Working to Fix Disappearing Tweets Issue, Check details



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Twitter has come up with some new plans announcements of upcoming updates. This new update will help to prevent tweets from disappearing when users read the tweets. Because many users were found reporting on complaint channels that sometimes their tweets disappear on their own from the view whenever the user gets the switch back to the Twitter on desktop or Twitter app. The timeline gets refreshed on its own. This mainly causes the disappearing tweets.

In fact, on 21 September, Twitter inform us that within the next two months duration, twitter will work on this issue and will fix all the bugs causing this issue.

Twitter has talked about this issue on its support handle,

Twitter said –

“We know it’s a frustrating experience, so we’re working on changing it,”

this statement shows that Twitter has recognized the issue and is accepting that there is some bug that is causing this issue. So their team is ardently working on that and within the next 2 months, without user interference, this issue will be resolved by the team itself.

They said that a dedicated team is working tirelessly in this direction only. So for that, they have holder many new updates as well. As of right now, twitter’s priority is to give a hassle-free experience to its users. So if many users have reported about this issue, so this will be handled on a priority basis.

Twitter announced big updates

Recently, in the past few days, Twitter has announced many new updates as the popularity of this social media handle is so huge that they don’t want such a small thing to hinder the experience of all users on Twitter.

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In fact, a report came a few days ago that stated that – Twitter is all set to test its new social privacy-related features so that users can have more control over their followers’ list. The move is aimed at making people more comfortable interacting and sharing on social networks. The social privacy tools include details like a person’s list of followers, the tweets they like, and whether their accounts are public or private.

Some time ago, Twitter also announced that soon, they are going to introduce an exclusive feature known as a safety feature. This feature will be very helpful for the users to block their accounts temporarily if they want. they can do so for seven days.

So if you have enabled the safety mode on, then it will be twitter’s responsibility to check the language of the content and its influence on other people. It will also check whether any foul language has been used.

The content is imposing on negative impact or it does not have any engagement with controversial content.  If it found any such violations, then the tweet will be blocked automatically.

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